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Bordering on Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, Argentina boasts lush rainforests, sweeping plains, white capped glaciers, sublime underwater geography, and a vast assortment of exciting attractions for innumerable interests. The weather is one of the most effective ways in determining the best time to go and which region to visit. The massive country is home to numerous climates. In the northern region the climate is subtropical with rain from January through December. The subarctic climate of the southern region, most prominent around Tierro del Fuego at the southern tip, can be savage and unforgiving and requires a hearty and spirited traveler to truly enjoy all of the incredible natural elements. With plenty of heat and humid conditions from December through February in the summer months and cool temperatures in the winter, Argentine travel through the central region is popular with travelers looking for respite from their own cold countries, especially around the east coast resort area of Mar del Playa.

In Argentina tourism runs rampant throughout the year, in large part because of the diversity of the elements that present opportunities for many activities in every month of the year. One of the options for Argentina holidays is planning a trip in only one of the three distinct regions because of the sheer size of the country. Argentine travel plans in one of the specific regions of the north, central, or south areas allows for plenty of time to explore the many attractions in Argentina found throughout each area. Trying to see too much at once creates difficulty in grasping the true depth and beauty of the country. Another viable option for those wanting to visit Argentina attractions in more than one region is to hop on a regional flight in Argentina to visit a number of different destinations in the country.

Most thrill seekers are magnetically drawn to the steamy jungles of northern Iguazu Falls National Park as well as the stark and wild beauty throughout Tierra del Fuego during their Argentine travel. In Argentina tourism flourishes around these two major attractions, both drawing larger crowds than any other attraction in the country. Good planning ensures tourists can see many nearby attractions maximizing Argentina vacations to the highest degree possible. Iguazu National Park offers an ethereal landscape of enchanting proportions. Created by the free flowing Rio Parana, the falls are part of revered UNESCO Heritage Site presenting one of the most spectacular backdrops in the country. From Puerto Iguazu a number of other points of interests are accessible such as Posadas, Cordoba, Rosario, Salta, and Mendoza.

Almost midway through the country is passionate and vivacious Buenos Aires. A lively city, Buenos Aires is a paramount stop during Argentina holidays. A bursting arts scene, exciting nightlife, plenty of fascinating history and a wide assortment of amenities, from budget to luxury, fashion a city of distinct magnitude. Warm, congenial locals demonstrate unyielding spirit and energy with tenacious passion for life. Food, football and festivities are top favorites of most Argentinians who know how to celebrate life with vigor.

National Parks and natural reserves are found in abundance up and down the coastline. Established to preserve special geological areas and to protect rare flora and fauna, national parks are another big hit with visitors. Calilegua National Park in Jujuy is home to a subtropical forest and rich wildlife such as the red agouti, tapirs, pumas, and the rare yaguedondí. At Salta Los Cardones National Park, which preserves the rare giant cactus, things to do include trekking, mountaineering, safaris, wildlife watching, and much more. The mountainous backdrop with the arid desert in the forefront is a spectacular sight to see. Salta is ripe with national parks making Argentina holidays in and around the city popular. El Rey National Park boasts free flowing rivers and streams, picturesque valleys, subtropical forests, and a beautiful mountainous background. Baritú National Park is another of the great attractions in Argentina that is very difficult to get to. Once there, streams, rivers, plunging canyons, stunning mountain ridges, and extraordinary wildlife are the rewards.

With Argentina tourism becoming more and more common, thousands of people enjoy travel throughout the country each year. Most popular around the cold North American months, booking hotels, transportation, and tours ahead of time ensures you won't be disappointed upon arrival when you can't book your desired accommodation and excursions. If you're planning a self-guided tour, Argentina is your oyster. General travel around the country is fairly uncomplicated. Affordable internal flights in Argentina make hopping from one city to the next uncomplicated and available for those on stricter budgets as well. No matter how the country is toured, there is no mistaking the extreme beauty, rarity, and appeal of this unparalleled destination.



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