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Argentina Glacier Tour

Glacier TourFrom the unforgettable landscapes of the Perito Moreno Glacier to the breathtaking expanses of the national parks of Ushuaia, the Glacier Tour will captivate your senses with a part of the world unlike any other.

  • Price: $3200
  • Days: 9
  • Destinations: Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Calafate
  • Activities: Expeditions, Tours, Cruises

The Perito Moreno Glacier Tour is highlighted by the amazing scenery of Ushuaia in the southern region of South America. The tour starts with two days of tours, dining, and tango in the capital city of Buenos Aires. Next, journey to Ushuaia where you will explore national parks, the Perito Moreno Glacier, as well as explore what the towns of Ushuaia and Calafate have to offer. Return to Buenos Aires for an additional day before returning to the airport for the end of the tour. Click here for more...

Day One: Buenos Aires
Get picked up from Buenos Aires International Airport and transfer to one of our boutique hotels of your choice. Enjoy a tango show and dinner in the evening. Shuttle included.

Day Two: Buenos Aires
Breakfast is provided at the hotel before you set off to explore the city of Buenos Aires. A three-hours city tour introduces you to Buenos Aires history, architecture, the culture, and its people. Thiss tour offers the fundamental keys for understanding the paradigmatic areas of the city: the lively and frenzied downtown area, the "aristocratic" northern neighborhoods, and the working-class southern districts.

Day Three: Buenos Aires to Ushuaia
Breakfast is provided at the hotel. Take a shuttle to a domestic airport where you will depart for your Southern Argentina tour to Ushuaia. Once there, transfer to our exclusive Finisterris Lodge Relax and Spa. Take the afternoon at your own pace, relax or put together your own personal Ushuaia tours. Click here for more...

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Argentina Patagonia Tour

Patagonia TourThe Patagonia region of Argentina is filled with national parks, lakes, and incredible landscapes. Enjoy outdoor activities, play a round of golf, spot wildlife, or simply enjoy the scenery.

  • Price: $3000
  • Days: 10
  • Destinations: Buenos Aires, Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes
  • Activities: Expeditions, Cruises, Fly Fishing, Sailing

The Argentina Patagonia Tour begins with two days in the capital city of Buenos Aires where you will tour the city and enjoy a tango show and dinner. Next, journey to Bariloche for two full days where you will explore Victoria Island, the Arrayan Forest, sailing excursions, and waterfalls. From Bariloche, take two full days in San Martin de los Andes, one of the most visually stunning regions of Argentina, before returning to Buenos Aires for a day. Click here for more...

Day One: Buenos Aires

Begin your tour of Argentina and transfer to your chosen hotel. Enjoy an evening of leisure, including a tango show and dinner.

Day Two: Buenos Aires

Take the morning at your leisure and then go on a city tour.

Day Three: Buenos Aires to Bariloche

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before taking a shuttle to the local airport and catching a flight to Bariloche to begin the Bariloche Argentina tour portion of your trip. Transfer to your hotel and take the evening at your own pace.

Day Four: Bariloche

Eat breakfast at the hotel before taking off for a full day tour of the Isla Victoria and the Arrayan Forest. The tour to Victoria Island and Arrayan Forest starts in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche and travels to the docking wharf, where visitors take a two-hour sailing trip to Puerto Quetri Hue. From there the tour goes on to the Arrayan Forest, a protected natural area home to 300-year-old arrayan trees with their cinnamon-colored bark and an impressive heights. Wood-plank paths allows you to walk through the forest and take a closer look at the surroundings. Click here for more...

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Argentina Wine Tango Tour

Wine Tango TourDiscover Argentina through some of its finest vestiges of culture—the sensual tango and the world-renowned Argentina wines—as you travel through one of the most beautiful countries anywhere.

  • Price: $3800
  • Days: 9
  • Destinations: Buenos Aires & Mendoza
  • Activities: City Tours, Wine Tasting, Horseback Riding

The Argentina Wine Tango Tour offers a look into the soul of Argentina. Explore tango culture, shopping, and city sightseeing during two days in the capital city of Buenos Aires. Next, visit the wine regions of Mendoza for six days, during which you will visit a number of wineries for a series of tastings, special dinners, and relaxation against a gorgeous backdrop of the Andes mountains. Return to Buenos Aires for a day before the tour ends. Click here for more...

Days 1 and 2: Buenos Aires & The Tango Experience

You will arrive in the capital city of Buenos Aires to start off your Argentine tour experience. To be close to the wide array of tango hot spots in Buenos Aires, look into the Gurda Tango and Winery Hotel, in the old and traditional San Telmo neighborhood. There are many other choices in this city as well, though, including the hotels in the trendy Palermo Soho Area, the hottest Buenos Aires District, such as the modern Purobaires Hotel, Mine Boutique Hotel, Blue Soho, 1555 Malabia House, or Krista Hotel. See more about each hotel below.

Upon arrival to Buenos Aires International Airport, private transportation will be waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel of choice. The first day will be free for relaxing, or take some walks around town and get ready to enjoy an evening of tango and dinner.

The hotel concierge will assist you with ideas for things to do during this first day, and will provide the tickets to the tango show and a spectacular dinner in one of the most prestigious tango restaurants of Buenos Aires.

The second day will be fully dedicated to discovering Buenos Aires—its culture, shopping, and the best destinations to visit in the city. Your Argentine tour will be led by a personal bilingual guide.

After these two days, the guests will be transferred to the domestic airport to fly to the Province of Mendoza, the most important wine district of Argentina where Mendoza wine tours will immerse you in a truly unique wine culture. Click here for more...

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Experience Argentina tours and let a world-class tour company do all the planning, scheduling, and work. This is your vacation, after all, and enjoying every moment of your travels without losing sleep over how to get between locations or what exactly to see is the way to go. Tours are led by local experts on Argentina, ensuring that you get the best information on the best sights in the country. You can take short Argentina tours, long Argentina tours, tailor made trips, day trips, or tours that span over several nights if you feel so inclined.

Ten Rivers & Ten Lakes is a premier hospitality company located in Argentina. Comprised of many of the best boutique hotels and lodges throughout Argentina and Brazil, Ten Rivers and Ten Lakes is a consortium of quality accommodations, stellar customer service, and some of the finest destination experiences possible. One of the most complete ways to experience this extraordinary country is to take a tour of Argentina offered by Ten Rivers and Ten Lakes.

The Argentina Glacier Tour, Argentina Patagonia Tour, and Argentina Wine Tango Tour are all designed to take you to some of the most breathtaking scenery and attractions in the country, while you stay at lodges and boutique hotels belonging to Ten Rivers and Ten Lakes. Highlights of these tours of Argentina include some of the most well-known sights, including glaciers, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and national parks.

See the Perito Moreno Glacier—one of the most visited destinations in Argentina, and one of the few glaciers in Argentina that is not retreating. Periodically, the glacier pushes out over the Argentine Lake, forming a natural dam that eventually ruptures due to the pressure of the water behind it. Visit what is often considered the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, to see the Beagle Channel, penguin colonies, and an amazing range of bio-diversity in the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego.

Patagonia is a region spanning over both Argentina and Chile, and the Argentina Patagonia Tour by Ten Rivers and Ten Lakes explores the best of this beautiful part of the world. Whether you want to hike, kayak, golf, or take up some water sports, Patagonia has everything you could ever hope for. Its beautiful main city of Bariloche offers sailing, golf, and amazing scenery.

Along with having some of the best scenery and outdoor pursuits in the world, Argentina is also increasingly known for its wine, specifically Malbec. The Argentina Wine Tango Tour combines tours of Argentina wineries throughout the country with the tango culture of Buenos Aires. This Argentina tour is perfect for anyone really wishing to sample the culture of this unique country.

Argentina Tours are a great way to leave the stress of traveling behind you, so you can enjoy every second of your trip. Leave all your worries behind and let Ten Rivers and Ten Lakes lead the way through Argentina's most beautiful and amazing attractions, sights, and natural wonders.

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