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The astounding beauty and diversity of Argentina opens many doors for exciting, tailor-made holidays abroad. Virtually every traveler finds a blend of ideal weather, wonderful attractions, and many things to do while exploring this South American jewel. From the warm, temperate weather in the north to the vast, striking landscape and cold climate of Patagonia, the incredible breadth of the country’s design creates a perfect place for all kinds of tourists. Those who relish the outdoors can easily enjoy cheap trips to Argentina. Navigating the detailed landscape by trekking and hiking the contrasting environment is one of the best, and least expensive things to do in the country. It affords a detailed look at the incredible geography that has made Argentina such a famous destination.

Argentina trips to the northwest city of Salta afford a deep exploration of Argentina’s history along with plenty of stunning panoramas to immerse yourself in. Salta is punctuated by rugged canyons, sweeping mountain ranges, illustrious colonial architecture, and even relics from the ancient Inca era. The province boasts a varying array of sights and sounds that easily fill up vacation days with excitement. The ever-changing landscape of the province illustrates just how profound a mark this area makes. Winding rivers, teeming valleys, lush lowland jungles, towering mountains and gleaming salt flats are only some examples of the captivating diversity found throughout Salta. From well-sung wineries to Aboriginal ruins to cattle ranches and tobacco farms, the possibilities for sightseeing seem endless during vacations to Argentina.

The wine region of Mendoza is another delightful area to explore during trips to Argentina. A wine enthusiasts delight, Mendoza tours offer the very best of wine country paired with incredible sightseeing, great nightlife, and plenty of gourmet cuisine. Enchanting inns and bed and breakfasts, and endless options for outdoor activities, means you’ll find a great place to base yourself while enjoying all Mendoza has to offer. The scenic mountain ranges of the Andes offer more than just a good view, they are the cornerstones of outdoor fun including climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. Mendoza can be a great place to enjoy cheap trips to Argentina. With most of the wineries offering free tours and complimentary tastings, days can easily be filled languidly drinking wine, learning the tricks of the trade, and enjoying the beautiful backdrop.

Situated in the region called the Triple Frontier, Iguazu Falls National Park may very well be the largest attraction for tourists enjoying trips to Argentina. A recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, Iguazu Falls is situated at the conflux of the Argentinian, Brazilian, and Paraguayan borders. Puerto Iguazu, the gateway to the spectacular Argentina side of the falls, is overwhelmed by tourism yet is hardly avoidable when visiting the park. Though the crowds can be a little overpowering, the trip to Iguazu is a must during vacations to Argentina.

On the northeast side of Argentina lies the country’s heart and soul, Buenos Aires. The energetic city pulsates with the enthusiastic Argentine spirit, drawing in thousands on vacations to Argentina with overwhelming options for shopping, dining, sightseeing, accommodation, and more. With so much demand comes very competitive tourist prices making cheap trips to Argentina often not an option.

In the most southerly lying lands is Patagonia, a truly remarkable region spanning both Argentina and Chile. The Patagonian region is a top destination during Argentina trips. It includes Puerto Madryn, San Martin de Los Andes, El Calafate, Ushuaia, and Tierra del Fuego. Captivating people from all over the world, Los Glaciers National Park, Punta Tombo, the Beagle Channel, and world class skiing only begin to illustrate this fascinating area replete with raw, natural beauty. Characterized by intense scenery and exemplifying one of the rarest and most diverse vistas in the world, Argentina trips allow an extraordinary look at one of nature’s most captivating works of art.

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