Patagonia Biking

Patagonia is a phenomenal destination to explore by mountain bike. Cycling in Patagonia offers a very unique perspective of the unbelievably beautiful surroundings, so much so that the scenery often seems surreal. There are bike trails in Patagonia throughout the entire region featuring a range of difficulty levels. This makes cycling an ideal activity for groups and families who want to enjoy the outdoors together. One of the main advantages of Patagonia biking is the freedom to disembark wherever you please to take in the many incredible natural attractions you’re sure to encounter along the way. Short or long, easy or hard, biking tours in Patagonia are an excellent choice for holidays in Argentina.

Argentine Patagonia spans a large portion of the southern tip of Argentina making it a terrific area for mountain biking. Avid cyclists looking for a true challenge choose Patagonia because of its combination of technical trails and striking environment. The incredibly varied geographical features found throughout Patagonia, both in Argentina and Chile, are what make it a main attraction for mountain bikers. For avid riders, crossing the Andes while cycling in Patagonia is a dream come true. For families, biking tours in Patagonia can be taken across low ground in areas where everyone is comfortable or through cities like Ushuaia and Puerto Madryn where the doors to a whole new world are opened.

There are many ways to find excellent biking tours in Patagonia suitable for all levels of experience. Many regional resorts offer tours directly through their own facilities offering bikes for rent or complimentary equipment that can be used by guests. Since cycling in Patagonia is so popular, most tour companies, which are found all over Patagonia, offer a variety of excursions for tourists to choose from. A host of Patagonia hotels also offer advice on which tour companies have the best reputations and where to rent bicycles during your stay. Another great way to find a suitable tour is to talk to other tourists who may embarked on cycling excursions during their vacations. Tourists will find there is an array of cycling tours available.

Patagonia biking trips in Puerto Madryn present the opportunity to explore the serene Chubut landscape. All along the coast there are numerous sheer, winding trails ideal for biking. In this area there are many trails perfect for all levels. There are several tour agencies hiring out mountain bikes and other necessary equipment needed to have a successful and exciting cycling tour in the region. One of the best bike trails in Patagonia is found along the coastline of Puerto Madryn presenting a blend of steep inclines and shorelines that head away, both north and south, from the city. Puerto Madryn trails range from roughly six miles to twenty-five miles in length allowing the cyclists to choose the most fitting trip length.

The cordillera, or mountain range, around Bariloche in northern Patagonia is another fantastic and popular area for cycling in Patagonia. Featuring trail levels from easy to extremely advanced, the Bariloche cordillera is ideal for beginners and seasoned riders alike. Renowned trails around this area include the Old Road heading to Colonia Suiza, the Challhuaco Valley, Quetrihue Peninsula, and San Pedro Peninsula where there are some lovely beaches to explore while taking a break.

Naming all of the great places with bike trails in Patagonia creates a massive list that can be too much to absorb. Nahuel Huapi National, Tierra del Fuego, San Martin de Los Andes, El Calafate, and Los Glaciers National Park are a few of the top destinations for Patagonia biking. Trails careen past glistening lakes, impressive mountains, lush forests, pristine beaches, and small, charming villages. The Lake district, hedging the border between Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia, is another top choice for cycling, encompassing many of the best and most scenic bike trails in Patagonia. This area is a joint national gem showcasing snow-capped volcanoes, national parks, rich forested areas, and many sensational lakes. Old-world towns and stunning vistas afford an impenetrable look at this arresting and fascinating South American region.



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