Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango and is one of South America's most illustrious cities that offer a plethora of cultural events including world-class museums, theaters, and opera houses. While strolling through this city in Argentina, enjoy the dazzling European architecture, the unique people around you or converse with friendly locals. Experience a popular cultural feast named "parrillada," which is a steak prepared on a woodfire, salad and fried potatos. Embark on an adventure you will never forget.

Take a walk to the center of Buenos Aires named Plaza de Mayo, which is where plans were made for independence from Spain. This is truly an important part of their culture and heritage, and therefore it s great place to begin your vacation. Branch out to places such as Colon Theater, which was built in 1908 that have held the performances of Gigli, Krauss and Pavarotti. It is one of the most famous opera houses and it resides at Buenos Aires, Argentina. While you are waiting for the show look around and marvel at the architecture, people and the vibrant colors of city. You are also cordially invited to the National Museum of Fine Arts, which is ranked international as one of the best museums to see, and one you cannot miss out on. It offers free admittance, and is a wonderful place to spend a day. Afterward perhaps, visit La Casa Rosada, the official home of the president of the Republic Argentina. This historic building has been standing since 1580. Because this city has so many things to do, it would be advantageous to sign up for a tour to better familiarize yourself with Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take the tour of the Rosedel and Palmero Lake. You will need your walking shoes and your boat shoes to take this journey, but it will be worth it. One of the most famous tourist destinations is the La Recoleta, which is where many famous military and political personnel reside such as Evita Peron.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of this busy metropolis to visit the natural side of Buenos Aires at Parque Lezama. Stroll through the winding paths over the hills glancing at exotic magnolias, palms and cedar elms. And while you are there, quench your historical wisdom at the National History Museum. Another placed to visit is Tigre. It is a hot spot for ecotourism consisting of 350 rivers and streams. Be prepared to get wet while having fun playing water sports or fishing.

When all is said and done, the nightlife is just beginning. But before you step into your dancing shoes to tango till life's content, you may want to pay homage to Carlos Gardel, the famous Buenos Aires tango singer. He died over seventy years ago, but is still worshiped like a god. Every year thousands make a pilgrimage to visit his statue and place a cigarette between his fingers. After this it is time to dance the night away at Asia de Cuba and Gran Bar Dazzon.

There are many Buenos Aires hotels to stay at including Caridge Hotel a five star resort that is walking distance to any downtown destination. International Hotel Buenos Aires offers all the luxuries of home including a pool. Enjoy accommodations from the high price resorts of the Recoleta area to the budget destinations of Monserrat. Buenos Aires hotels are some of the best and most welcoming places to visit.

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