Buenos Aires Attractions

Buenos Aires attractions run the gamut from performing arts venues and museums to shopping districts and fantastic displays of architecture. Besides major Buenos Aires tourist attractions such as the legendary Teatro Colon and the Obelisk, there are also hundreds of books stores, a wide variety of music venues and nightlife spots, and a broad diversity of museums spanning everything from fine arts to history. You could consider many of the highlights to be budget tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, as the currency exchange rates are generally favorable for people traveling to the region. Also, many of the attractions are open to the general public for free. Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the Paris of South America because of its European cultural influences and general atmosphere.

The Teatro Colon is perhaps the best known and most highly regarded of all the Buenos Aires attractions. This impressive theater is the second largest performing arts theater in the entire southern hemisphere (second only to the Opera House in Sydney, Australia). The building itself is located on the widest street in the world (Avenida 9 de Julio). The list of past performers, including the likes of Dame Joan Sutherland, is exhaustive, and when you visit this theater, you will understand its fame and reputation in Buenos Aires and beyond. It is surprisingly inexpensive to get a ticket to visit one of the most popular Buenos Aires tourist attractions, but if there is a performance you are eager to see during the period you will be in town, plan in advance to make sure it is not sold out.

One of the must-see budget tourist attractions in Buenos Aires is the iconic Obelisk. In fact, it will not cost you a dime to walk around the statue and take as many pictures as you like. It is within close range of many fine restaurants, cafes, bookstores, and other attractions, so it is well worth a stop to snap a photograph or two.

The Plaza de Mayo is another of the budget tourist attractions in Buenos Aires that any visitor should definitely take time to see. This is the most historically and culturally significant plaza in the city and has been the scene of numerous political debates and uprisings in the past. The architecture of the civic buildings provides reason enough on its own to make a visit to the plaza, which faces the Casa Rosada (the presidential palace).

The Recoleta Cemetery is yet another one of the most popular Buenos Aires attractions. It is located in the affluent barrio of Recoleta and is the resting place of some of the most famous Argentines in history. The beautiful and richly decorated mausoleums give this destination a very old world feel. One could spend countless hours exploring the intricate details and carvings of these impressive structures.

Besides checking out the major Buenos Aires tourist attractions, set aside plenty of time to leisurely explore the various barrios to discover your own personal favorite destinations for your next trip.



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