Buenos Aires Day Trip

Buenos Aires day trips are popular among tourists throughout the world. Buenos Aires is one of the most attractive South American cities to visit, and recent years have seen continued interest as the number of visitors increases year after year. This beautiful city is easily viewed via a rental car or even on foot.

Jardin Zoologico

Located in the busy neighborhood of Palermo, the Jardin Zoologico that is among the most popular Buenos Aires day trips. Buenos Aires day tours of the zoo offer tourists the chance to see more than 350 different animal species. The zoo is a real treasure for Buenos Aires day trips because of its convenient location right in the city. In addition to visiting the zoo, plan to spend time exploring the rest of Palermo.

Excursion Tren a Vapor

Buenos Aires day tours on board the, “train of the past” take passengers along the old railroad route first established when the train first came to Argentina. Passengers board at the Federico Lacroze train station in Chacarita and make their way around Buenos Aires and its outskirts. Although there are a number of different ride lengths to choose from, all options will include lunch. This Buenos Aires trip will take up the better part of a day, so simply plan to have dinner in the city when you are finished.

Downtown Walking Tour

A walking tour of the downtown area of Buenos Aires is a great way to explore the history and culture of the city. Begin your Buenos Aires trip downtown at the Centro Naval. This building, opened in 1914, has stunning architecture and a unique history. From here, continue your Buenos Aires trip to the Galerias Pacifico, a shopping center with a history that includes more than just shops. Continue on to Harrods, the Sociedad Rural Argentina, the Ana Diaz Historical House, the Galeria Mitre, Homestead and the Roque Saenz Pena Monument. If you have any energy left toward the end of the day, have dinner out in one of the excellent Argentinean steakhouses located in the neighborhood.

Reserva Ecologica

Centrally located in the city is the Reserva Ecologica, a large block of land that has been left untouched and today makes up one of the largest and most popular parks in the city. Buenos Aires day tours of the city can include a trip to the park. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the entire day here, or simply enjoy the park during the afternoon after taking a walking tour of the city during the day. Many locals and travelers plan tours in Buenos Aires of the park to view the woods, birds, river, lagoons and marshlands that make up the park. It is not at all uncommon to see ducks, storks and swans resting in the park or flying high above the water.

Although these are just a few of the options for touring the city, a Buenos Aires trip to see the city on your own is easy to organize. Grab a map at the Buenos Aires visitor’s center and head out to see one of South America’s most interesting cities.

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