Calle Florida

Calle Florida is a popular shopping and entertainment destination in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is largely a luxurious and elegant portion of the city where many tourist dollars are spent on everything from leather goods and clothing to jewelry and souvenirs. Portions of Florida Street in Buenos Aires have been converted into pedestrian-only areas since 1913. This simply means that these are areas along the street that are not open to cars and where people can roam freely and safely through the street, enjoying the fantastic Calle Florida shopping and attractions.

The Galerias Pacifico is a well-known building on Calle Florida that was restored in the 1990s to beautiful standards. It now features a range of upscale shops and luxury boutiques from international brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Tiffany and Co., Polo, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. Although Calle Florida shopping is the primary pastime for people spending time in this area, there are also a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, clubs, and tea houses. Just as in the rest of Buenos Aires, you can also expect to find many bookstores. Buenos Aires is home to one of the five most popular book fairs in the entire world, and Florida Street in Buenos Aires is one of the major reasons why the capital city is sometimes referred to as The City of Books. One of the best things about vacationing in Buenos Aires is that there are so many activities and attractions. The most difficult part of any vacation is simply figuring out how to prioritize what to do and what to see. You can enjoy historic, independent bookstores, tango classes, fine dining, and a range of water sports and activities all in the same day (if you have the energy).

The pedestrian portion of Calle Florida is within close proximity of many other attractions in the city including the Plaza de Mayo, and Lavalle Street, which is known for having many movie theaters and entertainment venues. You can enjoy a vast array of cuisine, performances, shopping outlets, and public arcades where live musicians and performers play on a regular basis. It is nothing but good times when you head down to Florida Street in Buenos Aires, whether it is shopping, perusing amazing bookstores, taking a tango class or watching a tango competition, or simply relaxing and taking in the culture of Argentina. Florida Street in Buenos Aires is the undisputed epicenter of shopping in the capital city, but you would deprive yourself of one of the best parts of visiting it if you do not take time to also enjoy the cuisine.

Buenos Aires is filled with a multitude of restaurants serving not only the best in Argentine traditional cuisine, but also a wide variety of international fare, including French, Italian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and much more. Calle Florida shopping is only one part of the overall experience in this highly popular destination in Buenos Aires. There are many hotels nearby, so if this is the kind of area that sounds appealing to you, you may also want to consider booking a reservation at one of them in order to be in the middle of all the action.

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