Buenos Aires Cruises

Buenos Aires cruises provide an alternative to flying to the capital of Argentina and allow travelers to see many other destinations along the way. There are a variety of luxury cruises to Buenos Aires that include itineraries of all kinds. You can choose from those that take one or two weeks, or from much longer journeys that encompass a couple of months. The Buenos Aires cruise ship terminal is conveniently located just a half-mile from the city center and is officially called the Puerto Buenos Aires.

Holland America, Silversea, and MSC Italian are just a few of the providers that offer luxury cruises to Buenos Aires. For those people who are not too keen on flying, or for those who simply wish to have a different experience than the usual long flight to arrive at their destination, a cruise just may be the ideal option. Holland America offers cruises that start out in New York City and travel south through some of the most alluring destinations in Central and South America. One such itinerary for Buenos Aires cruises includes stops in the San Blas Islands, the Panama Canal, Guayaquil, Cape Horn, Montevideo, and finally, Buenos Aires.

When you arrive at the Buenos Aires cruise ship terminal after a journey like this, you will be well rested and relaxed after having been pampered aboard a luxury liner. Enjoy entertainment, great food, and most of all, simply relax and look out at the ocean as you work your way toward one of the most beautiful cities in all of South America. A great advantage to taking a cruise like the one mentioned above is that you get to see all kinds of destinations along the way. You have the option of working with your cruise provider to set up a range of shore excursions so that you have the ability to make the most of your trip—go shopping on the Calle Florida, visit one of the museums, or take in a show at the Teatro Colon..

There are also a plethora of Buenos Aires cruises available that take much less time. You will not get to see as many places, but you can arrive in the capital city in around a week if you choose. There are also a number of ships that leave from the Buenos Aires cruise ship terminal and take passengers to various destinations in and around the coastal areas of South America. There are short, four-day cruises for those who wish to make cruise trip just one aspect of their vacation. Some of these hit the highlights of the region, including Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, and Punta del Este. There are virtually limitless combinations of cruise itineraries that you can put together to ensure that you get to visit all of the places that you want. When you are aboard one of the luxury cruises to Buenos Aires, all you have to do is sit back and relax and wait to arrive in what many call the Paris of South America.

Another great idea is to try out a Buenos Aires river cruise along the Parana River Delta or the Canal Sur. This is a great way to explore the city and have a fun time doing it. When you take one of the river cruises in Buenos Aires you will get to see the role that water (the port, rivers, and Rio de la Plata) play in the everyday lives of the portenos, or natives of Buenos Aires. You will be able to hop on and hop off on various excursions to markets outside of the city center, as well as to see boating and fishing operations, among a variety of other attractions and activities.

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