Buenos Aires Restaurants

Buenos Aires restaurants serve up a fantastically palatable mixture of flavors and dishes indigenous to the region, as well as from around the world. You will be certain to encounter a wide variety of food in Buenos Aires, from the local favorites such as parrillada and matambre, to a plethora of options for international dishes of virtually every stripe. The cultural influence of the Italians and Spanish, as well as the variety of other countries from which people have immigrated to Argentina, can be felt to this very day in everything from local architecture to dining traditions. The best restaurants in Buenos Aires meld the disparate culinary traditions of this vibrant city and offer their guests a memorable experience and a fine array of cuisine.

Just like people in cities like Barcelona and Paris, Argentines tend to eat their main meal of the day considerably late by American standards. Many Buenos Aires restaurants remain open to accommodate a late start time for dinner, as well as the hours of conversation that is bound to go along with it—it's one of the best options for traditional local nightlife. Food in Buenos Aires is always best enjoyed in the company of friends, whether old or new. As Buenos Aires has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for Americans and British in the past ten years, not only because of the beauty of the city itself, but also because of a favorable cost of living, it has become much more possible to go to Argentina, attend one of the Spanish language schools, and make new friends. The presence of students and tourists from Europe and North America has become a much more frequent sight, and there are many more language institutions for people staying for extended periods of time.

Some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires are the churrascarias (or those that only serve grilled foods). A plethora of these kinds of Buenos Aires restaurants can be located all over the city, as this form of cooking and eating is ubiquitous in Argentina, and especially popular in the restaurants of downtown. These places are where you will encounter the sumptuous parrillada dishes. Parrillada is essentially a dish in which a variety of grilled meats are prepared, most commonly right at your table. It is a multi-course meal that includes sausage, sweet bread, kidney, and choice cuts of steak. The slices of meat are cut to your order and commonly served over a starch like papas fritas (French fries) or mashed potatoes. This heavy combination is offset with a cold salad of greens, tomatoes, and olive oil. This is only one variation of parrillada, and many of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires allow you to choose exactly what you want on your plate. If you are not one for internal organs and can do without the sweet breads and kidneys, perhaps you’d like lamb and goat instead. Parrillada can also be served with poultry as compared to beef.

The food in Buenos Aires is also representative of a lot of different cultures. You will have no problem finding, among many other variations, Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, and Spanish food as well.



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