Buenos Aires Language Schools

Buenos Aires language schools are found in abundance in the capital city so you must commit to using discretion and doing some preliminary research going in. If you are planning an extended stay in Buenos Aires and you want to learn the language, you will have no problem finding a wide variety of schools. The key is finding the right school for you; one that fits your goals and aspirations, is conveniently located near public transportation lines, and has an established reputation in the city. If you do not make sure that the institution you plan to attend is well established in the city, your Buenos Aires Spanish classes could be all for naught. You will be able to use your own discretion when it comes to where you take the classes, based upon where you wish to stay. It is possible to take San Telmo Spanish lessons, as well as instruction in virtually every other part of the city.

Many consider the top three places to take Buenos Aires Spanish classes to be: the Comision de Intercambio Educativo (COINED), the Instituto de Lengua Espanola para Extranjeros (ILEE), and the International Bureau of Language (IBL). You can take advantage of a variety of options when it comes to what kinds of classes to take at each of these Buenos Aires language schools. There are intensive course studies that include upwards of five hours of study every day. You can take individual or group classes, and there are specialty classes for people who want to learn the vocabulary of a certain profession, on top of the requisite grammatical and phonetic instruction, for instance. There are also programs that allow you to stay with a host family who will prepare your meals and provide you with a home away from home while you are visiting. Whether you are interested in San Telmo Spanish lessons, or something closer to the downtown core, you will be sure to find exactly the program that meets your goals for learning a new language.

COINED is one of the most established places to take Buenos Aires Spanish classes. The curriculum is thorough and was developed at the University of Buenos Aires. You will not have to worry about only speaking with native English speakers, which can cause bad habits of sliding back into your native tongue instead of practicing the new one you are attempting to learn. There are a broad diversity of nationalities represented at this school and it is a fine place to learn the language.

ILEE is a high-level institution that boasts an educated staff of teachers who have all earned Masters degrees from the University of Buenos Aires. This is one of the Buenos Aires language schools that caters to adults and working professionals taking a sabbatical, rather than to college-aged students.

The IBL is a sort of hybrid of the two, but is the cheapest of all three. You can expect to find students of all ages partaking in classes here and they come from all over the world. If you are committed to taking San Telmo Spanish lessons, look into the Instituto de Espanol Rayuela.

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