MALBA is synonymous with famous Latin American artists, particularly those from Argentina. It is widely considered to be the finest and most culturally significant museum in the country for exhibiting contemporary Latin American art from the twentieth century. The MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires contains an impressive collection of Argentine artists as well as a nice selection of artists from other parts of South America, including Brazil and Venezuela. If you are staying at one of the hotels in Buenos Aires and ask where to go to see the best art in the city, it is likely that you will get the same answer every single time: the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. When you hear this, you’ll know that what they are referring to is the alluring MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires. Take time to stop by and witness some of the finest pieces of art by Argentina’s most renowned sons and daughters.

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires is located on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta in the popular Palermo district of the city. It significantly adds to the appeal of the MALBA that it is within such close range of so many terrific restaurants, bars and clubs, shopping outlets, and dance clubs. The Palermo district is known for offering visitors an amazing time. Whether it is tango dancing, fine dining, or high-end shopping you are interested in, you will find just about anything you could possibly want in this part of the city.

Just like many other contemporary museums in the likes of New York City and Los Angeles, the MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires does not only display paintings, but also a range of sculptures, films, photographs, and other mediums. The museum maintains a beautiful cultural center that features many independent films as well as a variety of temporary exhibits by artists from around the world. The cinema within the MALBA shows all kinds of interesting independent films by both South American, as well as internationally recognized filmmakers. This museum is so popular that it receives in excess of one million visitors each and every year.

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires contains around 400 individual works of art by more than 150 artists. It is important to understand that although this museum does not rank among the top museums in the world, like those in Paris, London, New York, and Rome. It is the finest that you will encounter in Argentina, and this is certainly not to diminish its standing as a wonderful museum. It is worth noting this so that when you visit you do not expect to find an expansive facility comparable to the likes of the British Museum or the Vatican Museums. Rather, the MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires is comfortably spacious and provides just the right amount of room. You will not feel as though you are overwhelmed or that you have wasted money on admission. And to speak to the latter point, you would have trouble doing this anyway. The price of admission is very cheap, and on Wednesdays you will get in for a third of the normal cost. It is definitely worth a visit to the MALBA if you are interested in learning about the seminal Argentine artists.

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