Buenos Aires Nighlife

Buenos Aires nightlife is some of the most vibrant and exciting in all of South America. This may at first sound like an overstatement until you visit this city that barely ever sleeps and witness it for yourself. Everything happens a bit later than normal in Argentina. Dinner normally takes place between 9 and 10 p.m. and plenty of time must be set aside for conversing and relaxing during dinner. The Buenos Aires night clubs do not even get going fully until between 1 and 2 a.m., depending upon what night of the week it is. There is something for everyone in the capital city of Argentina, as the best night life in Buenos Aires includes everything from pulsing night clubs that play house and electronic music, to smaller venues that have karaoke and ‘80s American rock nights. There are tons of restaurants, pubs, clubs, and cafes. You will certainly never be at a lack of things to do while enjoying your vacation in this cosmopolitan and exciting destination on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata.

The Avenida Corrientes spans for 69 blocks and includes portions of the Puerto Madera district and the Chacarita neighborhood. Some of the best Buenos Aires night clubs, restaurants, and top attractions are located along this strip. Major attractions include the Teatro Opera House, where you can see some of the finest productions anywhere in South America, Luna Park, Florida Street, and the Obelisk of Buenos Aires. There is plenty of shopping to do during the day along the Avenida Corrientes, but at night, the thriving club scene opens up to the eager patrons of establishments all throughout this major thoroughfare.

The Palermo District is another place where you will find some of the best night life in Buenos Aires. There are a variety of night clubs, many of which feature multiple dance floors that play electronica, house, trance, and rock and roll. Some clubs will have a floor dedicated to just tango music and dancing, and multiple other rooms and bars for other kinds of music. Palermo Soho is a cool spot for clubs and chic bars near the Plaza Serrano. The largest and most popular Buenos Aires night clubs are to be found in the Palermo area.

The area that surrounds the Recoleta Cemetery are also known as a good area for Buenos Aires night life. It has become something of a tourist trap because of the attraction of the cemetery during the day, but there are still a nice variety of clubs, bars, and restaurants. The Costanera Norte is another fine area where you will encounter lots of restaurants and night life spots. The Palermo Vijeo is a relatively new development where you will find a range of excellent dining establishments, several clubs, and a variety of cafes. This is one of the areas where you can enjoy Buenos Aires nightlife in a cool and relaxed environment with a decided Argentine ambiance.

The best night life in Buenos Aires is certainly not restricted to what goes on inside the night clubs, although these are major tourist draws. Rather, there are all kinds of things to do, from visiting the cinema or a theater production at Teatro Colon, to dining in style or simply relaxing with friends.

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