Palermo Viejo

Palerno Viejo is easily one of the coolest parts of the capital city in Argentina. There are plenty of appealing areas in Buenos Aires, but if you are in search of a chic and trendy atmosphere where you can find amazing shopping, dining, and entertainment, all for a very reasonable cost, this may be the perfect area for you. There is a range of things to do in Palermo Viejo, from meandering through the many shops and outlets, to relaxing on one of the café patios with an ice-cold beer or a perfectly crafted espresso. There is a selection of Palermo Viejo hotels for those interested in staying in the heart of all the action. If you are have an affinity for places like the Soho area of New York City, you will find the things to do in Palermo Viejo and its general ambiance to be right up your alley.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that, because it is considered a very trendy district, that the prices are expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, you will be able to enjoy an amazing meal for easily less than twenty dollars easily, and to spend this you would get a bottle of wine and several courses. If you are traveling on a major budget, you could eat happily for much less than this. You can also find vintage and period clothing for amazing prices as well as a wide range of antique stores, bookstores, and outlets that specialize in knick knacks and souvenirs that you can take home with you in order to remember your time in Buenos Aires.

Fashion is a major part of the dynamic in this part of the city, and shopping is among the most popular things to do in Palermo Viejo. This is due to the fact that there are so many options as well as because the prices are so reasonable. From high-end designers to retro and vintage resale shops, you will find it all here. The dining could not be more appealing in this area, as you will find at your disposal everything from native Argentinean specialties, to Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, and much more. The nightlife scene is great here too. If you fancy having a nice drink at a very cool place where you watch the beautiful people of Buenos Aires pass by, this is the place to do it. There are pubs, clubs, and cafes, and you can always peak your head inside one of the tango parlors to see the dancers in action or to take a class. There is also a range of bookstores in Palermo Viejo.

There are a variety of Palermo Viejo hotels, many of which are distinctive and trendy boutique hotels that will cost you less than the accommodations closer to the downtown core. Everything about this area is cool and the Palermo Viejo hotels are certainly no exception. Some of the best hotels in the area include 1551 Palermo Boutique Hotel, the Jam Suites Boutique Hotel, and the Lynns Hotel Boutique. For travelers looking to stay in Palermo Viejo on a tight budget, there are a number of hostels. One of the best is the Eco Pampa Hostel.

Palermo Viejo is an area that is quite addicting in Buenos Aires, and one that will provide you with many pleasant memories.

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