Pinamar Beaches

Pinamar beaches are widely considered to be some of the most alluring in all of Argentina. With 22 miles of beach here, dotted with high-end beach resorts and many things to do, this is an excellent beach destination in Argentina and makes a fine side trip to any Buenos Aires vacation.

You have several options when it comes to traveling to them from Buenos Aires. You can take a train, bus, or plane. Driving is also a possibility, but if you are traveling from any international destination this would be prohibitively expensive with a rental car. Also, there is no reason to drive it yourself when there are so many other low-cost options at your disposal to make a wonderful Pinamar Beach vacation a possibility.

You can take a luxury bus ride to the Pinamar beaches and it will only take you around five hours. Keep in mind that this is no boring drive, but rather one on which you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery up and down the Atlantic coast and the west shore of the Rio de la Plata. Another option is to take a short plane ride (approximately 45 minutes) to reach the Pinamar beaches.

Once you arrive, you will experience what many compare to beaches in Malibu, Santa Monica, and Cannes. They are covered in beautiful dunes and surrounded by gorgeous pine trees. The area boasts a wide range of elegant restaurants and entertainment venues, including high-end steak houses and alluring tango parlors where you can watch competitions or take classes. Pinamar literally translates as “pine sea,” and you will understand this designation as soon as you arrive. It is truly one of the most picturesque, as well as one of the most fun beaches anywhere near Buenos Aires.

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