Plaza Dorrego

Plaza Dorrego is the main square in San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It was the most populous residential area in Buenos Aires in the nineteenth century and currently it is an extremely popular tourist attraction as well as a popular gathering point for residents of the city. The Plaza Dorrego Market is perhaps the main draw of the old barrio, drawing around 10,000 people every Sunday. It is known as the Feria de San Telmo and shopping around the approximately 300 individual stands is one of the most fun things to do in Plaza Dorrego. You can watch tango performances, shop for a wide variety of antiques and other such items, or simply sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of Argentinean wine at one of the many cafés, restaurants, or bars that line the charming streets.

Each Sunday that the Plaza Dorrego Market is open, the streets of San Telmo are bustling with activity. It is a fantastic time to simply get out and see the sights of one of the most historic areas in all of Buenos Aires. There is a decidedly relaxed feel in the air, as everyone meanders through the various vendor stands, the cafes, and the laid back bars and pubs. Although the Plaza Dorrego Market is best known for its antiques, there are a wide variety of other items for sale, including vintage clothing, records and phonographs, jewelry, first edition and antique books, and much more. The market is open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Defensa Street is largely closed off to traffic, making for one big pedestrian street party in the middle of San Telmo. If you are planning to make the trip to the oldest barrio in San Telmo anyway, you should certainly organize your visit around the Feria de San Telmo. Although the shopping is awesome, it is only one of the things to do in Plaza Dorrego.

Tango dancing is another of the biggest appeals of spending a day in the alluring and quaint neighborhood of San Telmo. You can pay a fixed amount and enjoy dinner and a tango performance (this costs somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 pesos), which is an absolute steal considering the amazing entertainment and authentic Argentinean food you will get to experience. Plaza Dorrego is an excellent destination for entertainment, shopping, dining, and just plain relaxing.

One of the other fun things to do in Plaza Dorrego is to check out the San Telmo Indoor Market. It was opened in 1897 as a produce market, but now sells a variety of goods, most notably antiques. It is quite easy to spend a full day around the Plaza Dorrego, taking in the local sights and sounds, enjoying a tango performance, and wandering through the broad selection of shops and stands. In a city where there are virtually limitless activities and attractions at your disposal, visiting San Telmo, and specifically the Plaza Dorrego on the weekends, is a fantastic way to spend a day or night having an amazing time.

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