Recoleta is an upscale residential area in Buenos Aires that is filled with some of the city’s most notable attractions. There are a wide variety of things to do in Recoleta Buenos Aires, from visiting some of the finest museums in the city to checking out one of the alluring tango cabarets. If you wish to stay in this part of the city, you will find that there are plenty of Recoleta hotels, including a diversity of accommodations, from boutique hotels to luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts.

In order to figure out which things to do in Recoleta Buenos Aires, you should first start by getting an understanding of the attractions in the area. The Recoleta Cemetery is perhaps the most recognized of all the tourist attractions in the area. Here you will find impressive mausoleums and some of the city’s most incredible feats of architecture. If you are not dissuaded by exploring this kind of environment, you will be able to see one of the city’s architectural and cultural gems.

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (the National Museum of Fine Arts) is also located within the neighborhood of Recoleta. It is widely considered to be the best museum in Buenos Aires, if not all of Argentina. If you are at all interested in learning more about the visual arts as crafted by some of South America’s finest artists, this is the place to go. You will not only see works by the best Argentinean artists, but also some of the finest from the likes of Peru, Chile, and Brazil. The Recoleta Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Recoleta) is adjacent to the MNBA and is also well worth a visit, containing many different mediums of art, from photography and lithographs, to paintings and sculptures.

The National Library of Argentina is another of the biggest draws in the neighborhood and visiting it is among the most popular things to do in Recoleta Buenos Aires. The experience at the Biblioteca Nacional begins when you see the stunning exterior, which is one of the city’s finest works of contemporary architecture. The interior is a sprawling space that contains many literary and historical treasures. Buenos Aires is often referred to as the City of Books for its great literary tradition and hundreds of bookstores, and the Biblioteca Nacional is the epicenter.

You will have no problem finding the ideal accommodation, as there is a nice selection of Recoleta hotels to choose from. The Buenos Aires Wilton Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious accommodations in this upscale neighborhood, offering a range of elegant accommodations and desirable amenities, from swimming pools and onsite dining, to spa treatments and 24-hour concierge assistance. The Hotel Impala is another accommodation where you will be able to experience the best of Recoleta in a pampered and elegant environment. Hotel Bel Air is another excellent option for those looking for a primarily luxurious experience in the city. Other Recoleta hotels of note include the Ker Recoleta Hotel and Spa, Hotel Dazzler Libertad, and the Etoile Hotel. You really can’t go wrong at any of these hotels, or most others in this upscale neighborhood. No matter where you choose to stay you will be within close range of plenty of restaurants, entertainment, and cultural attractions.

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