San Telmo Buenos Aires

San Telmo Buenos Aires is a popular area and attraction along the Rio de la Plata. It is most notable for being the oldest neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. Tourists are drawn to the well-maintained colonial buildings and cobblestone roads, as well as the multitude of cafes, tango parlors, and the San Telmo Market. There are a variety of hotels in San Telmo that will suit most any budget, whether you are looking for a luxury accommodation or a cheap hotel in the area. San Telmo attractions include everything from marvelous antique stores and quaint cafes, to vibrant tango clubs and alluring restaurants. It is a quick trip to the south to get to San Telmo from Buenos Aires proper. If you are at all interested in making the trip, you will find it is quite easy to use public transportation or get there quickly in a rental car.

The Plaza Dorrego is the central gathering place for many of this barrio’s most popular attractions. It is not only the main public square of San Telmo Buenos Aires, but it is also a place where people gather to view some of the area’s most notable and well-preserved churches, monuments, and antique stores. Antique stores and a tantalizing antique fair known as the Feria de Antiguedades provide motivation for many tourists to visit this quaint and charming neighborhood. Besides a wide variety of museums, cafes, and places to get your tango on, attractions like the San Telmo Market certainly justify spending at least one day here.

The San Telmo Market was opened in 1897 and is perhaps known just as well for its interior construction as it is for the plethora of items and goods you can purchase. Generally speaking, the San Telmo Market can be divided into two distinct sections. One section is dedicated to things that local artisans and butchers, chefs and restaurants use, such as vegetables and fruits, meats and bread. The other section is largely dedicated to vintage clothing shops, touristy gift stores, and other such establishments where you can buy cheap goods to take home with you as mementos. Although this latter section of the market can be considered more touristy on the whole than the former, it is never so much so that you will not be able to enjoy your time here. Just as in the capital city, San Telmo Buenos Aires maintains a relaxed and laid back feel.

There are plenty of suitable hotels in San Telmo including many where you will not be forced to compromise a comfort or cleanliness to enjoy a good night’s sleep and an overall enjoyable stay. The Moreno Hotel Buenos Aires is a beautiful and small design hotel located in the heart of San Telmo within close proximity of many area attractions like the San Telmo Market, the Hippopotamus Café, and the San Telmo Fair. You will enjoy simple but ample accommodations and friendly service at this hotel. Another great option is the 1890 Boutique Hotel. This is a tiny boutique accommodation with only six rooms, each one distinctively decorated and nicely appointed with comfortable beds and thoughtful amenities.

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