San Telmo Hotels

San Telmo hotels give travelers the opportunity to enjoy this quaint and charming area that is also the oldest neighborhood in all of Buenos Aires. Many of them are very affordable as well as conveniently located within close range of many of this beautiful area’s best cafes, museums, tango parlors, and antique shops. The semi-permanent antique fair is one of the biggest draws in the area and is the inspiration for many people who book San Telmo accommodations. If you are staying in the downtown portion of the capital, it is not at all difficult to secure lodging in San Telmo Buenos Aires without having to travel too far or expend too much energy. San Telmo is just a few miles to the south of the downtown core and is well worth the visit.

The Moreno Hotel is one of the fashionable and trendy San Telmo hotels where you can choose from a range of accommodations, including a variety of lofts and guestrooms. This particular hotel combines art-deco design sensibility with a classic feel, and tops it all off with excellent service. If you are staying at one of the San Telmo accommodations and are not a fluent Spanish speaker, you may very well need assistance in arranging dinner reservations or tango classes. It is good to know that there is lodging in San Telmo Buenos Aires where the staff is more than happy and qualified to be of assistance.

The 1890 Boutique Hotel (pictured) is a gorgeous and quaint accommodation in the heart of San Telmo where you will enjoy friendly service, comfortable guestrooms, and convenient location nearby many of the most popular attractions in the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires. It will not take you long to walk to some of the best museums, tango parlors, cafes, and bookstores in the neighborhood. There are only six rooms at this tiny hotel, but each one of them is expertly appointed and offers a comfortable and relaxing experience. It is located just one block away from 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest thoroughfare in the world, and a destination for tons of incredible shopping, entertainment, dining, and more.

The Hotel Babel is another of the boutique San Telmo accommodations that provide excellent guestrooms and convenient location. There are nine finely appointed rooms housed within the wonderful confines of a historic mansion. Although the exact location of the hotel is largely away from the hustle bustle of the tourist activity in the city, it is not at all that far removed from the center of the city. In fact, it is only about a two-minute walk from the Plaza Dorrego, and roughly five minutes from the Plaza de Mayo.

Other quality San Telmo hotels include the Mansion Vitraux Boutique Hotel, Wine Lounge and Spa, the Gurda Tango Boutique Hotel, the Axel Hotel Buenos Aires, the Ribera Sur Hotel, and the Mansion Dandi Royal. You should not have any problems at all if you are looking for lodging in San Telmo Buenos Aires. Try your best to make your reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and lock in the best rates.



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