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Buenos Aires shopping is an exciting prospect given the fact that prices tend to be so much cheaper for goods than in many other popular tourist destinations. There is an undeniable European influence in virtually every facet of life in Buenos Aires, and the goods that are offered at places like the Galerias Pacifico and the antique markets of San Telmo reflect this fact. The great thing about shopping in Buenos Aires is that you can many times expect to pay two to three times less than what you would pay for the exact same goods in Paris or London, for instance. Your opinion of where the best shopping in Buenos Aires is will largely be informed by what kinds of goods you are shopping for. Whether it is antiques, clothing, or electronics, you are sure to find everything you need in Buenos Aires.

Recoleta is perhaps the most upscale and affluent neighborhood in all of Buenos Aires. It is also the place for some of the best shopping in Buenos Aires. There is a wide range of specialty stores that offer high-quality goods in a number of areas. There is a handicraft market called the Recoleta Plaza Francia that is well worth looking into. Across from the Caesar Park Hotel, you will find the Patio Bullrich, the location of numerous boutiques and specialty stores. Buenos Aires Design is another top destination in Recoleta. It is a shopping mall that features a variety of upscale shops and brand name establishments. This is perhaps the most expensive place to enjoy Buenos Aires shopping, but here you will find the highest quality goods.

San Telmo is a popular destination for people visiting Buenos Aires, as the cobblestone streets and antique markets make for a quaint and charming experience. The weekend flea market is a top attraction on the weekends for many of the visitors to Buenos Aires and a lot of the old homes have been converted to fine antique outlets. The Plaza Dorrego is the primary location of the weekly antique fairs.

El Centro is an alluring part of the city where you will find a wide range of goods and services. Calle Florida (Florida Street) is the largest shopping street in the entire city and offers everything from clothing and antiques to sporting goods and housewares. The Galerias Pacifico shopping center is situated on Calle Florida. It is an upscale mall where you can discover some of the best brand name designers for sale in Buenos Aires, and you will not be forced to break the bank in order to purchase things. The Galerias Pacifico is where you will find some of the best shopping Buenos Aires. It is located at the corner of Florida Street and Cordoba Street. There is so much going on in the capital of Argentina, from shopping and dining to enjoying tango clubs and the local population, you will certainly not be at a lack of things to do. Be sure to bring some nice gear for the tango clubs and your walking shoes to do some exploring and shopping around the city.

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