Buenos Aires Tango

Buenos Aires tango is the real deal to be sure. Although it is not certain that Argentina was the original birthplace of tango, it is certainly its home now. Tango has deep roots in Cuba, Africa, and Andalusia, but has been fostered and nurtured in Argentina above all other places. Today, you can witness tango shows in Buenos Aires on virtually every street corner during busy tourist periods. There are also a multitude of tango parlors, clubs, and music venues where performances are staged on a nightly basis in the capital city. If you are visiting and are interested in taking Buenos Aires tango classes, you will have many options at your disposal. Once you have the general idea of how to do this sensual and graceful dance, you can try your hand at one of the local clubs and feel what it is like to twirl around the tango dance floor with the local population. This is a highly rewarding experience and makes you feel more in touch with the pulse of the culture in which you are immersed.

You can see tango shows in Buenos Aires at a wide variety of locations around the city. Places such as the Teatro Avenida and the Confiteria la Ideal are two of the most notable locations to see Buenos Aires tango at its best, but there are also a multiplicity of smaller venues where you can oftentimes see some of the most talented performers. You will probably hear people referring to milongas. These are the names of the various tango clubs and venues. These are perhaps the best places to see tango shows in Buenos Aires as they often feature professional dancers who perform for a wage. Many other times, it is possible to see street performers and dancers honing their craft in front of throngs of tourists, enraptured by the fluid and beautiful movements of the two dancers. On the weekends, when there are street festivals and all kinds of things to do going on throughout the city, it is a great time to see street performers and tango dancers who are doing their thing for nothing more than love of the craft.

Buenos Aires tango classes are some of the first things people visiting the country look into. It is the appeal of the sensual dance at one of the alluring Buenos Aires clubs that draws them in. There are plenty of reputable and well-established places that offer Buenos Aires tango classes, but unlike many other things in the capital city, you can expect to pay quite a bit for them. The Argentinians are aware of the fact that this is the most alluring tourist aspect of a trip to the country, so if you really want to learn the dance at a formal school, you will have to shell out the money. However, you can learn the tango by going to clubs and meeting people, and there are less formal schools that offer one-time lessons, as opposed to immersion programs that last anywhere from a week to a year, depending on visa status and other such considerations. Either way, learning the tango in Buenos Aires is a rewarding and fun experience to be sure.



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