Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Things to do in Buenos Aires include everything from shopping and dining to tango dancing and sightseeing. There are virtually limitless options for places to go to eat, dance, dine, shop, and explore. If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires and are attempting to do so without spending all of your money, you will be in fine shape. First of all, there are a variety of free things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina, and the currency exchange rate favors most travelers who are used to either the U.S. dollar or the euro.


One of the most popular things to do in Buenos Aires is the tango. Everyone is doing it all over the city at a variety of locations. You not only can take part in dancing at clubs and entering competitions, but can also take lessons in a variety of styles. This way, you can show off your new moves and skills when you head out to the club. Don't be shy because there are just as many beginners looking to learn the tango as well, and there are plenty of lessons that cater to the eager first-timer's.


Shopping is another of the most alluring things to do in Buenos Aires. All over the city you will find a range of shopping centers, malls, boutiques, and antique markets that sell just about everything you could possibly want. Some of the most popular areas for shopping include San Telmo (great for antiques), El Centro, Calle Florida, and Avenida Corrientes. Once you have made it out to all of the places you wish to do some shopping, you can look forward to an afternoon or evening of relaxing and enjoying the area sights, restaurants, clubs, and attractions. One of the free things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina is to simply window shop in upscale areas like Recoleta.


Buenos Aires is also very well known for having hundreds of bookstores, most of which are independently owned and have tons of character. It is easy to get lost in a great book at one of these shops or simply browse around and see all of what is available. When it comes to free things to do in Buenos Aires Argentina, you will not have to look far. There are beautiful public parks and green spaces as well as the plethora of bookstores and other free activities around the city. There is not much better way to spend an afternoon in Buenos Aires than strolling around the city at your own pace, taking in the sights, sounds, and local attractions. None of this is cost prohibitive.


Many people choose to set out to explore the various coastlines in and around Buenos Aires as a part of their vacation. You can stay close to the city and explore the beaches along the western estuary of the Rio de la Plata or venture to the alluring beaches of Montevideo or Punta del Este. The Mar de Ajo and Pinamar beaches are exceptionally beautiful and some of the most popular of all the options in Argentina.


Wine making is a longstanding tradition in Argentina and this is reflected in the broad diversity of wine regions for which the country is known. When you visit Argentina, and specifically Buenos Aires, you will have the ability to take wine classes, take part in wine making and tasting, as well as take full excursions and tours of wine regions like Mendoza and Salta. Try the gorgeously bold Malbec, and other local specialties like the Pinot, Syrah, and Chardonnay. Tours of wine country are available through a host of travel providers.


Although soccer is the predominant sport in Argentina, as it is in all of South America and most of the rest of the world, there are a variety of options for tourists and travelers who want to commune with nature and get out and enjoy the outdoors on their trip. Skiing is a favorite national pastime in Argentina. All of the skiing takes place in the western part of the country in the Andes. Mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and water activities like boating, surfing, and sport fishing are all available to travelers as well.


Buenos Aires is not referred to as the Paris of South America for no good reason. Rather it is dubbed as such because of the wide range of cultural attractions, not the least of which are the city's museums. From the National Library to the National Museum of Fine Arts, you will find a selection of museums in the capital city that are suited for everyone in your group. There are destinations specifically for the kids, most notably, El Museo de los Ninos.

A critical part of giving yourself every possible chance to achieve an affordable vacation is to do your planning as far in advance as possible and attempt to bundle your vacation travel as much as possible. For instance, you can realize significant savings by booking your airfare and hotel accommodations in one package. Some other people take advantage of the more than 300 low-cost hostels in the city. Once you have your accommodations and travel plans worked out, you can head out on the town and explore one of the most cosmopolitan and energetic cities in all of South America.

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