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Buenos Aires vacations are especially appealing because you can enjoy an amazing time in one of the most beautiful cities in South America without having to spend a lot of money. Buenos Aires vacation packages have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the fact that the exchange rate is so favorable for most people traveling there from international destinations. It is a city that offers a wide variety of things to do and cultural attractions to see, from monuments, museums, and churches, to clubs, restaurants, cafes, and tango parlors. You can quite easily make a cheap Buenos Aires vacation happen with some smart advance planning. There are lots of hotels at your disposal, whether you are staying for a week or an extended period of time. Hotels and resorts abound for those looking to enjoy a luxury Buenos Aires vacation, and there are countless low-cost options as well, including hundreds of hostels and plenty of apartments and condos for rent.

Buenos Aires vacations provide travelers with a unique experience in a vibrant and exciting city. Over the years, the capital of Argentina has earned several nicknames including Paris of South America and the City of Books. Both of these titles reflect the infusion of European culture into Buenos Aires and the city’s emphasis on literature and the arts. The first is a direct allusion to the cosmopolitan nature of the city. You will find as soon as you arrive in Buenos Aires that you are surrounded by amazing architecture and an inviting selection of cultural attractions and activities. Many of the best Buenos Aires vacation packages not only include things such as airfare, car rental, and accommodations, but also discounted admission and deals on area attractions and events. One of the best ways to achieve a cheap Buenos Aires vacation is to bundle as much your travel arrangements together as possible, and then to take advantage of savings opportunities while there, on things like public transportation, cheap food, and free entertainment.

It does not cost much at all to visit some of the top attractions in Buenos Aires, and many of the public gathering places, monuments, and other cultural attractions are free. When you visit the capital of Argentina, you will want to visit historic spots like the Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo, and the Plaza San Martin. You will not have to pay a single peso to experience the brilliant architecture and history at these places. If you are interested in learning more about the top attractions, you can take guided tours. For some, Buenos Aires vacations are best enjoyed when you have someone knowledgeable from the area to show you around. For others, it is better to just explore on your own and learn the city and your own pace.

Once you have decided on which Buenos Aires vacation packages are right for you, you can begin to plan out the itinerary for your trip, including which of the many attractions and sights to prioritize seeing. Do not miss attractions like the historic Teatro Colon and the Recoleta Cemetery, and be sure to try the tango. If you do not want to actually dance then at least watch a tango class or competition. It is quite a memorable experience. A cheap Buenos Aires vacation is at the tips of your fingers.

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