Buenos Aires Argentina Weather

Buenos Aires Argentina weather is very similar to the weather of the eastern Pampas, as most of the city lies in that region. The majority of the vast Pampa grasslands has a fairly arid and temperate climate, but it becomes more tropical in the northeast where Buenos Aries is located. This is intensified to some degree by the river, which is the widest river in the world. It reaches a width of 140 miles at its mouth.

The means that the Buenos Aires Argentina weather patterns follow that of a sub-tropical climate zone. There are four distinct seasons. Remember that here in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed from those in North America and Europe, making January the warmest month and July/August the coldest.

Summer. For the majority of tourists, the best time to travel to Buenos Aries is during the warm months of December through February. During the warmest months, the temperatures average about 77° Fahrenheit. These are the best months for enjoying the beaches. Do be aware, however, that temperatures can be quite intense, sometimes reaching as high as 95°. This is also the time of the Buenos Aries Carnival, usually held at the end of February.

Autumn. As it can be quite hot on the estancias on the grasslands outside of Buenos Aries during the summer, the best time to visit Buenos Aires if you intend to take tours into the Pampas to experience the culture of the Argentina gauchos is during the autumn months from March to May. Temperatures are cooler during these months, although there can be sudden thunderstorms.

Winter. Winter in Buenos Aires occurs during June, July, and August. This is a relatively temperate period, although outlying neighborhoods can experience frost. Still, temperatures average only about 50° Fahrenheit. There can also be heavy fog during this time.

Spring. From September to November, there are frequent thunderstorms, but the temperatures average about 63° Fahrenheit.


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