Buenos Aires Tourism

Buenos Aires tourism is popular year-round. Unlike many other international vacation destinations, very few of the activities or attractions are restricted by the changes in the seasons or weather. In other words, you may not be able to play golf in Michigan in the winter, but there is not necessarily anything you cannot do in the summer, that you cannot also do in the winter in Argentina. The country is long enough that certain cities and region experience slightly different weather patterns than in different areas, but on the whole, you will find that there is really no bad time to embark on Buenos Aires travel. In determining the best time to go to Buenos Aires for you, you should probably first do some investigating into what activities and attractions are going on that you are most interested in experiencing. This may help to inform just exactly what part of the year to go.

You must remember that you have to flip the seasons when heading to the southern hemisphere. The coldest months of the year in Argentina are June, July, and August, and September. This should not however dissuade you from making your Buenos Aires tourism plans for that period of time. You’ll want to go prepared with long pants, some warm tops, and at least a scarf and light jacket. There are many wonderful festivities going on during these month including Fashion Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires International Film Festival. If you have already made Buenos Aires travel plans for the Argentine summer months, you should at least take heart knowing that it never gets terribly cold and that the vibrant pace of the city does not slow down at all. For many people this is the best time to go to Buenos Aires because it is perhaps the least congested with other tourists.

The winter season in Argentina lasts from December 21 to March 21. The average temperature during these months is a temperate 76 degrees. For this reason, many people choose this time of year. The upside is that the weather is brilliant almost every day, without a terrible amount of precipitation at all. People take to the streets in great numbers to enjoy sights like the Teatro Colon and the San Telmo antique markets. The obvious downside to Buenos Aires tourism during this time of the year is that there is quite simply a lot of it. Once again, if you are not claustrophobic and do not mind sharing the streets of a lovely city with other eager travelers, it should not be too much of a concern of yours when to go. Buenos Aires travel is something that you can enjoy year round. There are enough activities and attractions to keep everyone in your family or group happy and entertained.

Spring and autumn are also considered by some to be the best time to go to Buenos Aires. Average temperatures in each season are in the mid 60s. Be sure to check with your Buenos Aires hotel or resort to find out what local events are going on while you are in town. There is always something exciting going on in Buenos Aires.

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