Buenos Aires Zoological Gardens

The Buenos Aires Zoological Gardens and Zoo constitute some of the most alluring and popular attractions in the capital city. As if there were not already enough to do with the multiplicity of restaurants and bars, clubs and cafes, museums and bookstores, the Buenos Aires Zoo provides people of all ages with the opportunity to enjoy an amazing day of exploration inside one of the most impressive zoos in South America. If you are already planning a trip to Argentina and plan to spend time in the capital, you should work a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires into your itinerary. You will not regret a moment of it.

The Buenos Aires Zoological Gardens are situated in the Palermo district, a popular area that is known for its wide range of attractions, including lots of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Buenos Aires Zoo itself comprises some 45 acres of land that is home to over 2,500 different animals. The express intention of the institution is to help to conserve the species represented in the facility, as well as to conduct meaningful research and offer public education. As you stroll through the fabulous Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires, you will be treated to seeing approximately 90 different species of mammals, 175 species of birds, and nearly 50 species of reptiles. There are plentiful public facilities, including bathrooms and changing rooms for families, as well as concessions, restaurants, and gift shops.

There are grassy areas throughout the park that are filled with native rodents and birds. Many of them roam the park with relative if not full freedom. Those who are not brought to the zoo oftentimes show up there because of the tendency of guests to throw food all over the place. This activity is largely frowned upon throughout the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires except for in designated areas. You can expect to see rabbits, peacocks, and a variety of small animals and native birds roaming though the park, interacting with the general public.

The Farm at the Zoo is one of the most popular exhibits at the Buenos Aires Zoological Gardens. Adults and children alike will appreciate the exciting opportunity to interact with a broad diversity of farm animals. You can pet them, play with them, and learn about their life cycles and virtually anything else. The Aquarium at the Buenos Aires Zoo provides visitors the opportunity to see a range of aquatic life, both freshwater and saltwater. Amongst them there are penguins, piranhas, grouper, and many more.

The big cats are another main draw at the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires. You will see white tigers, lions, jaguars, and pumas, to name a few. Some of the other most exciting animals to be found at the zoo include elephants and giraffes, bison and polar bears, hippopotamus and camels. You can probably tell by now that any visit to the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires is bound to be a fun-filled day of excitement. If you are traveling with the family, it is one of the most entertaining ways to spend the day in the city.

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