Cordoba Argentina

Visit the picturesque city of Cordoba Argentina with high expectations, because that is exactly what you will discover. Cordoba Argentina is located in the center of the country, in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas along the Suquia River. About 435 miles away from Buenos Aires, Cordoba is a beautiful destination and an ideal location for exploring other parts of the country. It is known as the heartland of Argentina, because of its geographic location, and a great base camp for future trips into the valleys that surround the city or into the Pampas.

An Argentina travel guide will point out the influence of colonial times in Cordoba. You may be shocked to find the colonial evidence in their churches and other buildings, but it is still very prevalent. Fortunately it is backed by modern economic growth to keep Cordoba Argentina prospering well into the twenty-first century. At the center of the town is the Plaza San Martin, which is dedicated to Argentina’s liberator San Martin. In 1573, Cordoba Argentina was the second largest city, and used to be the center of arts where scholarly people such as priests and teachers would convene at churches and universities. Some notable buildings to visit are the seventeen-century El Cabildo (Town Hall), the Romanesque Iglesia Cathedral and the Jesuit Iglesia de la Compania, which is the oldest surviving building dated from 1622. One of the most important Historical museums here in Cordoba is the Museo Historico Provincial Marque de Sobremonte. After enjoying the sight of the architecture and fascinating history, then it is time to visit the Primero or Suquia River.

It will be important to find rest after you have finished studying the history of this amazing city. You can stay at any number of Cordoba hotels. There are plenty of four-star resorts in Cordoba to soak your tired feet at such as Cordoba Plaza, Gran Hotel Dora, Ducal Suites. Also you might enjoy King David Flat and Portal Del lago. These hotels won't let you lift a finger, but don't get too comfortable, because there is much to see here in Cordoba. If you are on a budgeted journey, then rest your weary bones at these Cordoba hotels: Grand Astoria or NH Urbano.

Work up an appetite while going on mountain bike rides or paragliding in one of the best parts of Argentina. Perhaps an Argentina tour package would be perfect to do all the activities on your wish list. Then once your stomachs are rumbling grab a bite to eat at Brunnen Bier, Sobremonte Plaza or La Cocina de Oses. They have numerous steak houses to visit and enjoy such as La Parilla or Rancho Viejo. But if you aren’t tired enough, then how about a dinner and a tango show at Tierra de Tango. They also have many other International foods such as Italian or Mexico where you can sit and enjoy a feast with a light breeze on your face and perhaps a glass of wine. An Argentina tour package is a great way to spend the day worry-free.

Listen to that Argentina travel guide in your hand, because this is the ideal place to rest between excursions to the metropolis of Buenos Aires or to the historical splendor of Cordoba and its many colonial buildings and universities. Quench your thirst of history and culture first before you embark on an incredible journey, so you can impress locals and tourists alike on your journeys forward.



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