El Calafate

Come visit the southern tip of Argentina for a bit of exploration and thrilling scenery. One of the main things to see is Perito Moreno glacier. El Calafate is a once in a life experience to see multiple gorgeous glaciersthe ice age isn't completely over yet. Also, you can explore deep into caves to discover cave drawings from thousands of years ago. Bring your hiking shoes as they will be put to good use, but it will all be worth it to see the beautiful scenery that El Calafate has to offer.

The first settlers to this area were the Aonikenk. They lived off of guanacos, roots, seeds and herbs. Survival was the key in this day age as Fitz Roy and Charles Darwin noticed in their voyage on the "Beagle." While you are studying the history, you should wander over to Walichu caves to discover cave paintings. These paintings are attributed to the aborigines during the Paleolithic age. Fortunately, for tourists they have been restored to give us insight on past human life.

You must take a small hike or trek into Glacier National Park to see Perito Moreno glacier and forty-seven other glaciers in Argentina to see. You have thought that the ice age is long gone, but there are still remnants of these mighty fortresses of ice and snow. The most notable glaciers of Argentina are Upsala, Spegazzini, Mayo and Perito Moreno. All of these glaciers are flowing into Lake Argentino, Oneilli, Ameghino and Frias. Glaciers act like Mother Nature's paintbrush, because they have the ability to create amazing landscapes that leave geologist baffled for years. Tourists come to visit this park for all of the glaciers, the numerous outdoor activities and the scenery.

Take a walk to the glaciers of Argentina with InterPatagonia to Perito Moreno glacier. The tour will change from day to day, because the glacier moves so often. On this tour you will see small lagoons, deep blues and light blue ice, small waterfalls, crystals and pure water tempting you to drink. It will be the best water you have ever tasted. And at the end of the tour, the guides set out chocolate, whiskey and ice to toast your new adventure on a glacier.

While booking your activities you will need to find any number of El Calafate hotels to rest your hiking boots and take in a hot bath. Kau Yatun Hotel is a four-star resort that features a piano bar, entertainment for children, Restaurant El Quincho, continental breakfast and private parking. Bahia Redonda hotel is a three-star El Calafate hotel centered downtown that feature cable television, private bath, central heating and safety deposit boxes. The high season is from November to March, and the low season is from June to May. Depending on how crowded you'd like it, these are the best times to visit El Calafate hotels.

While you are here in El Calafate, there are a few tourist spots to hit such as Perito Moreno glacier, but also Upsala glacier. It is thirty-seven miles long, and is considered the longest in South America. Estancia Cristina is a historic sheep ranch that is a great land access to the Upsala glacier, and offers incredible views. Also El Chalten is a great nature trail to break in your hiking boots.

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