Flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

Tourists embarking on Argentina holidays usually fly into Buenos Aires, the gateway to the rest of Argentina and a renowned tourist Mecca. Buenos Aires is a vibrant city alive with the reverberating spirit of Argentina. Though distinctly South American, Buenos Aires also exudes a European feel and an ambience nothing short of exhilarating. As the leading portal to the rest of the country, the best place to fly from nationally is Buenos Aires. It is the Bangkok of South America, where some of the most affordable arrays of flights are available.

From Buenos Aires there are many exciting options for flying to many other Argentinian cities. One of the most requested connections from Buenos Aires, aside from Patagonia, is to famous Iguazu Falls, north of the capital city. Iguazu Falls is such a spectacular natural attraction that it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since many travelers only aim to visit the falls as a day trip, regular flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls leave numerous times daily making getting there very convenient.

Depending on how you book your travel north, you could be flying on one of a number of different airlines to Iguazu Falls and landing in one of three different airports. Taking airlines to Iguazu Falls means the possibility of landing in either Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, also known as the Triple Frontiers. With flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, you should arrange to fly into the area that most suits your needs and travel plans. Puerto Iguazu is located in the Argentine section of Iguazu, Foz do Iguassu is in the Brazilian area of Iguazu, and Ciudad del Este is in Paraguay. Be sure you know exactly where it is you want to land to ensure the airlines to Iguazu Falls you’re traveling with will take you exactly where you want to be.

The official name of the airport on the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls is Aeropuerto Internacional Cataratas del Iguazú, roughly thirteen miles from the town. There are a few different carriers all operating frequent and regular airlines to Iguazu, usually between four and six flights daily. All offer many great rates for tourists purchasing either return or one way flights. With Iguazu Falls located so advantageously amid three wonderful cities, some tourists take the opportunity to explore a little of each area before departing, maximizing the value of their flights.

There are many ways to plan out your flights to Iguazu Falls. With only two hours separating Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires, flights to Iguazu Falls are in extreme demand. Many people see the falls in short jaunts lasting a day or two and fly back to the capital city to continue their vacations. Booking in flights to Iguazu Falls through vacation packages is a very popular way to explore this stunning UNESCO site. With your flights, accommodation, transportation, and tours covered, there’s little more to do than immerse yourself in the striking natural beauty of the national park. If you’re planning a short trip, a vacation package may be the exact hassle free arrangement you need. If you are planning to purchase flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, be sure not to miss a look around the capital before you leave. There are so many things to do around the city you’ll be hard-pressed to get on your flight but a Buenos Aires day trip is well worth the time.

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