Flights From Buenos Aires To Montevideo

Buenos Aires is a thriving metropolis situated in the northeastern region of Argentina. It’s a renowned destination visited by millions of tourists each year and a main connection to many other points of interest in South America. Frequent flights from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, other popular regions in Argentina, and its neighboring countries are all available for travelers embarking on exciting South American holidays.

Montevideo is the vibrant and pulsating capital of Uruguay. Montevideo flights are popular because of the many things to do in and around the city. The city offers style and sophistication and a European ambience, much like Buenos Aires. The colorful cultural diversity paired with a host of historical architecture are other main draws for vacations to Montevideo. The city attracts thousands of tourists visiting Uruguay and boasts fascinating history, pristine beaches skirting the city boundaries, and countless intriguing attractions.

The sheer convenience of the many airlines to Montevideo is another top reason why so many tourists fly in from Buenos Aires. The city’s location along the banks of the Rio de la Plata is almost precisely east of Buenos Aires making Montevideo flights almost too convenient. Montevideo flights departing from Buenos Aires take only thirty short minutes making a trip highly worth it. Day trips from Buenos Aires are extremely popular for travelers on Argentina holidays aiming to get the very most of their South America getaways. With Argentina vacations affording close proximity to many excellent tourist destinations, taking advantage of extremely affordable flights is hardly easy to pass up.

Major airlines servicing Montevideo fly into Aeropuerto Carrasco International Airport located roughly ten miles from the city. International airlines to Montevideo include carriers from Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, the United States and several other countries which all service flights from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. There are almost sixty Montevideo flights arriving in the city each and every week with more than eight thousand seats available for travelers to choose from. Argentine carriers offer the most flights from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, offering nearly half of the sixty operating flights available.

Though there are many great deals to be had with the airlines to Montevideo, there are a number of additional ways to lower the cost of flights even more. Traveling outside of peak tourist season presents another great opportunity to snatch up low cost airfare. Flying during the week instead of popular weekend times is another great way to make your funds go farther. Opting to include your flight in a vacation package presents ease and convenience when traveling. Searching for flights offered by airlines other than the national carrier can also be a great way to save off the top.

Saving more on your Montevideo flights means having more to spend on shopping for souvenirs, splurging on luxurious Buenos Aires hotels, or taking advantage of affordable Argentina rental cars and driving through some of the areas you want to visit. From Buenos Airs to Montevideo, you’ll be enamored by the South American spirit, the astounding natural beauty, and friendly demeanor and welcoming attitudes of South American people.

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