Formosa Argentina

Formosa Argentina is located on the northern border of Argentina, just across the river from Paraguay. Sharing a name with the most northern province in the country, the port city of Formosa is the hub of the region’s industry and tourism. The friendly city is home to several vacation hotels as well as restaurants, attractions, and an international airport that strengthen the area’s tourism infrastructure. The city is also known for its laid-back charm and warm weather, making it a popular wintertime getaway for those looking for something a little different for their Argentine vacations. 

Formosa Restaurants

The culinary scene in Formosa Argentina may not be as fully developed as the ones in Buenos Aires or Mendoza, but it still has its charms. The city has several restaurants that serve the local cuisine, which sometimes bears more resemblance to Paraguay across the river than cities farther south in Argentina. You’ll also find pizza restaurants and some pastry shops more than willing to provide some food on the go as well as eateries in Formosa’s hotels.  

Formosa Airport

Located a few minutes south of the city, El Pucú Airport serves the locals and visitors of Formosa, both the city and province. Also called the Formosa International Airport, the medium-sized airport can welcome smaller jets or Boeing 757 commercial planes. The majority of flights to Argentina and its northern reaches are serviced by Aerolíneas Argentina, heading to and from Buenos Aires

Formosa Map

Formosa Map
Formosa Map

In looking at the map of Formosa Argentina, the first thing you notice is how close it is to the border with Paraguay. In fact, the river separating the two countries is called the Paraguay River. It’s helpful to remember that the city and the province share a name when you’re looking at the map. The name comes from the Spanish sailors, who arrived in the 16th century, using their word for beautiful. Today, the Spanish word Formosa has become archaic and has been replaced by Hermosa. Regardless of how you spell it, it’s hard to deny that northern Argentina is a beautiful place.

Top image: Tencho (wikipedia), CC BY-SA 2.0
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