Iguazu Falls

Argentina Iguazu falls is one of the greatest places to visit on Earth. It is truly one of the natural wonders of the world. Here you will see two and half miles of churning white noise laid out in the most picturesque scene you could ever imagine. It is just as expansive as the Niagara Falls, but twice as glamorous. On a clear blue day, there isn't another place you'd rather be. This is a place that everyone should visit and admire the power of nature.

There are many Argentina Iguazu Falls tours that you can take from you more lavish tours to your budget tours. The best time to visit is between August and November. InterHabit is one of the Argentina Iguazu Fall tours that gives a complete observation of the Iguazu Falls from all angles. It begins with a gorgeous train ride in order to introduce you to the flora and fauna of Argentina. There will be a little hiking, but it will be worth it as you gain vertical feet to the aerial views of the falls. It is possible to see the falls from the lower river level, but you will not regret the sore muscles in the morning as you climb to the top. This tour is financially manageable, but their rates change depending on the season.

Another Argentina Iguazu Falls tour company is Argentina Explorer. This Iguazu Falls tour also begins with a train ride, but you will be visiting a few extra sites along the way. Your first stop will be at Devil's Gorge. From here you will walk along the short path while running into such spectacular views like Alvar Nunez, Bosseti, Dos Hermanas waterfalls and San Martin Island. After standing in awe at these views, you will get the chance to experience the thrill of nature as you go rafting down Iguazu River. Imagine charging down these rapids through the beautiful scenery of Argentina. The thrill seeking is not over after the white water rapids adventure, because you will board four-wheelers back through Yacaratia in the jungle of Misiones. Once you can hardly handle any more excitement, Argentina Explorer tops it of with Iguazu Falls. They say that, "the waterfalls are Argentine, but the sight is Brazilian."

There are a bunch of Iguazu Falls hotels you might be interested in. The closest Iguazu Falls hotel you can get is called Iguazu Grand Hotel Resort and Casino. It has every luxury that you can dream including golf course, beauty salon, pool and European style casino. The Esturion Hotel is a four-star hotel that is more moderately priced, but still has all the luxuries that one wants. It is near the downtown Puerto Iguazu, and has a gymnasium, tennis courts, sauna, pool and a nursery. The Saint George Hotel is located downtown and is only fifteen minutes away from Iguazu Falls. It is three star Iguazu Falls hotel, but is certain to assist you in all your needs. It has a swimming pool with twenty-four hour room service, mini-fridge and bar in the rooms. No matter where you stay the idea is to fascinating Iguazu Falls.

Visit the Iguazu Falls, and remember to bring lots of film for your camera. There will be a lot of photo opportunities as you hike one of the true natural wonders of the world.



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