Mendoza Argentina

Mendoza Argentina is one the most visited places in Argentina, because of the multitude of activities that there is to do. The weather is beautiful in the summer ranging from seventy degrees to ninety degrees. The days may be a bit warm, but the nights are cool and fresh. Imagine breathing that crisp mountain air. In the winter the air is cool, but it makes for ideal skiing weather. Mendoza Argentina skiing offers bright blue skies, a red nose and the thrill of making fresh tracks down the Argentina Andes. It's a vacation you can't miss!

Mendoza Argentina is about 700 mile northwest of the Buenos Aires. It is located on the base of the Andes, so you can imagine that this is one of the biggest playgrounds for outdoor exploration. It has everything from camping to skiing to rafting. However the downtown is much like Buenos Aires in that the architecture is taken largely from European heritage. But it has its own unique blend of culture and architecture due to the indigenous influence. Mendoza is largely a pedestrian city full of tree line avenues and outdoor cafes, which makes it ideal for shopping, relaxing or just people watching. It also stands as a gateway for travel to other places, because it offers numerous travel options including: railroads, bus system, and air transportation. Let Mendoza eliminate your worries on getting from place to place so you can rely more heavily on enjoying your time away from home.

Mendoza defines Argentina wine country. Come smell and taste the alluring aromas of Argentina's wine country. Take a wine tasting Argentina tour and tantalize your taste buds. The tour shows you the stages of how wine is made, and how swirling it in your glass can enhance the taste. Wine is an experience just as Mendoza is. Try an Argentina tour at one of the vineyards named Lopez. Impress some locals by asking to take tour of a bodega, which means vineyard in Spanish.

Arrive in Mendoza by plane at the Francisco Garbrielli-El Plumerillo International Airport. Take a few minutes to unpack and get settled, but there is no time to waste. There is much tradition to see such as Hill of the Glory, which holds many memories of San Martin epic story, who helped to liberate Argentina. It has a museum of him that documents his presence and eminence. Things you don't want to miss are Ruins do San Francisco Church, Maipu, el Challao, Villaviencio Thermal Resort, Cacheuta, Potrerillos and Vallecitos.

No matter how much fun you have or culture you soak up, everyone needs a place to relax so they can do it all over again. Nearby Mendoza hotels are the perfect place to settle down. Cordon Del Plata will be happy to serve your every need. Rest your head at Hotel Argentino or Microtel Inn and never sleep better. Mendoza hotels offer all the amenities that you have a home.

The diversity of things to do here are difficult to count, but they are waiting for your arrival. Whether it is testing your limits among the mountains and rushing water or relaxing under a tree in town, it is here at Mendoza Argentina.

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