Mendoza Argentina Weather

Mendoza Argentina weather is good for year round activities. The climate is not unlike that found in the wine regions of California that butt up against mountains high enough to have snowfall during a good portion of the year. It is also similar to Mediterranean climates like those in Crete, Greece where vineyards grow up the slopes of steep mountains. Summers are blazing hot (mitigated by a lack of humidity and hundreds of shade trees planted along the city streets) and winters hover around freezing. There is little rain because of the altitude and because the valley the city sits in is essentially a desert, but there is extensive irrigation. All these factors combined mean that many of the best wineries in Argentina are located in the region around the city. These wineries are responsible for a great deal of the tourism in the region, and there are numerous self-guided and package wine tours available.  

The Mendoza Argentina weather and landscapes are also perfect for many outdoor adventure activities, including skiing and snowboarding in the mountains during the winter months. At other times of year, the temperate daytime temperatures and lack of humidity are perfect for hiking and trekking, mountain biking, white water rafting, and horseback riding. This is also a climbing center because of the proximity of the tallest peak in the country – mighty Aconcagua. The best time to travel to Mendoza depends on your interests. Remember that the seasons are reversed from those in North America. The North America winter is Argentina’s summer, and so on. 

Autumn is the best time to visit Mendoza in order to sample the year’s newest vintages. This is the time of the grape harvest, and also one of the most important events in the region – the National Grape Harvest Festival that is generally held around the first week of March. Winter is the best time to travel Mendoza if you’re interested in skiing and snowboarding. The season is short. From June to mid or late September, head to one of the best ski resorts and Mendoza hotelsLas Lenas. Spring and Summer provide the best Mendoza Argentina weather for just about everything else, including visiting the wineries during the height of the growing season and for just about all outdoor activities that don’t require snow.



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