Take a holiday to the endless grassy horizons of Pampas Argentina. This is Argentina's breadbasket of fertile land where thousands of cattle are raised each year by pampas gauchos, also known as cowboys. Discover the South American flat lands that stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains with all the sights and sounds to experience in between. It is a land that is difficult to see in one trip. You may want to get jump started on your next vacation. It is a never-ending land with as much beauty as your heart will allow.

Pampas Argentina is a huge region of Argentina. It consists of the humid pampas that wander along the seaboard to the dry pampas of the west and south, but it also includes Buenos Aires-- not to mention the world-class beaches. So if you don?t think you have seen Pampas Argentina, think again, because it covers such a wide range--It's hard to miss.

Join the Pampas gauchos in their romanticized lives of tending to cattle on the plains. The Argentina history of the gaucho is held in high regard. The word gaucho came into existence during the late 1700's to describe a rough individual, with tough manners, that either travels alone or with a woman with only a knife for baggage. They are the eternal wanderers, the hard working horsemen that stand as one of the best-known cultural icons of Argentina. The Argentina history has been elevated from the troublemakers who slaughtered cattle to the level of myth, which is celebrated in both song and prose. They are truly heroic figures to the eyes of their countrymen, who pronounce their virtues as knights would with strength, bravery and honor. There is even a Pampas gaucho festival in their honor every December.

The Pampas gaucho culture began in the 16th century when cattle and horses escaped from the early Spanish settlements. Over time, the escapees evolved into large wild free-roaming herds. This abundance of resources needed to be tamed and used, and the gauchos were the men for the job. They caught the horses, tamed them and used them to capture the cattle.

Come share the intricacies of this region with the gaucho. Join them in a cattle drive as you can hoot and holler like those cowboys in the movies as you focus on following their three virtues in a character building experience. This is a beautiful part of the country and one that is hard to escape from seeing, since it is so large. It is also a very inviting part that includes some of Argentina's most notorious beaches, and of course the metropolis of Buenos Aires. Needless to say there is an ever-lasting amount of activities to discover here, and many are left untouched.

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