Pampas Facts

Pampas facts include a fascinating connection to Hawaii. In 1798, King Kamehameha was gifted five longhorn cattle by Captain George Vancouver. Between 1824 and 1854, the king invited Mexican vaqueros and Argentina gauchos to tend the cattle that roamed free over the Big Island of Hawaii. Later, ranches were also established on Oahu and Maui. As with their cousins on the Pampas, today’s Hawaiian cowboys (called “paniolos”) have developed rich and colorful traditions that include everything from their distinctive dress to rodeos where they show off their horsemanship. You can visit the “estancias” of both the Pampas and Hawaii, where you will be treated to shows of horsemanship and a traditional barbecue.

The Pampas Argentina climate is ideal for viticulture, and there are numerous vineyards and wineries here. This country is one of the largest wine producers in the world, ranking with Italy, France, Spain, and the United States. You’ll probably taste vintages from wineries in Argentina that are internationally respected during your estancia barbecue. You’ll find similar ranch experiences available in Hawaii, at places like the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu and the Parker Ranch on the Big Island.

One of the Pampas facts that make this region such a great destination for Argentina holidays is its proximity to the sophisticated and cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires. It is possible to experience this vast territory on a single day excursion, have a sultry tango lesson in the evening, and go to sleep in pampered comfort in a five-star hotel. Even though the region is immense, the Pampas Argentina climate is quite uniform. It is temperate, with plenty of sunshine and enough rain to nurture grape vines, cattle, sheep, and the grasses that sustain them.



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