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Patagonia Argentina facts often overlook the several groups of indigenous peoples who inhabited this vast territory long before Europeans arrived on the scene. In fact, the name of the Patagonia region comes from one of these groups. The Tehuelche people inhabited the southern Pampas region. It seems that they were quite tall, and the first mention of them came from a member of Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition during the voyage along the coast of South America as the expedition made its circumnavigation of the globe during the 1520s. It was said they were twice the height of normal men. While certainly an exaggeration, the Spanish explorers nonetheless named them ”Patagones” after a giant who was popular in novels at the time.

Today, those looking for Patagonia Argentina facts are usually looking for descriptions of the incredibly diverse landscapes found within the vast territory. The Patagonia region of Chile, stretches down its southern border from the Pacific Ocean and to the forbidding spine of the Andes Mountains. The Patagonia territory in Argentina covers a truly vast area and encompasses an incredible diversity of landscapes. Here you will find magnificent Patagonia glaciers accessible from the little mountain village of El Chalten and town of El Calafate; the bustling city of Puerto Madryn, gateway to the whale watching mecca of the Valdes Peninsula where there are large populations of seals, sea lions, and penguins; and the southernmost city of Ushuaia that is gateway to Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic.

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