Patagonia Golf Courses

The region of Patagonia encompasses the southern tip of South America at the conflux of Argentina and Chile. Not only is it the meeting of two distinct cultures, it is also a place where incredible geography affords the most resplendent natural backdrops of any place in South America. Raw beauty paints a picture of true magnificence in a region so irresistible few travelers miss exploring it. With this sublime geography comes some of the most arresting landscapes found throughout Patagonia golf courses. Avid golfers indulge in unimaginable scenery that seems more like a work of painted art than reality. Patagonia golf is some of the most gratifying in Argentina with many courses to choose from, all with distinct landscapes and accomplished records.

Located in the city of Ushuaia, Ushuaia Golf Course is a favorite of both locals and visitors for excellent Patagonia golf. Set in the heart of Tierra del Fuego, golf in Patagonia here affords the often distracting scenery of what many call The End of The World for its location on the very tip of South America. The course fairways are defined by a luxuriant and undulating valley set by the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Flanked by the Pipo River, the greens are small, creating a challenging circuit for players. With nine holes, a par seventy, and the farthest yard at 4904, this parkland style course is ideal for golf in Patagonia.

Llao Llao Hotel and Resort is a perfect destination for golf vacations to Patagonia. Ruled by a backdrop of ancient treed forests, majestic mountains, and free flowing lakes, the Llao Llao Hotel and Resort is in the Rio Negro province near Bariloche city. Skirting stunning Lake Nahuel Huapi, the vision of beauty surrounding this course is more than enough to distract your eyes from the game. Golf in Patagonia here presents many extra challenges designed specifically for advanced players. Characterized by rippling fairways seeded with an excellent variety of grass, perfectly arranged bunkers, and demanding slopes attract many experienced players. Offering eighteen holes with a par seventy, and the longest yard at 5800, this link and course is a terrific bet in Patagonia golf courses.

Aside from diving, Puerto Madryn is also known for having a fantastic course for golf in Patagonia. The Puerto Madryn Golf Club is a nine-hole facility ideal for amateur players. Arranged much differently than popular courses found in Buenos Aires, the beauty of this course is the simplicity of the arrangement with an assortment of minor challenges. The surrounding natural environment is arranged with lush grass, tall trees, and gleaming water. Patagonia golf here is much more relaxing than some other resorts and clubs exuding a serious feel created for more determined and pensive players. The bonus of playing this course is the opportunity to explore Puerto Madryn in more depth and enjoy many city attractions after a leisurely game of golf.

Many of the best golf courses in the world have been naturally arranged in some of the most beautiful parts of the world and Patagonia golf courses are no different. Working with the inherent attributes of the region, course designers have managed to create unforgettable Patagonia golf courses for many golfing levels. With the rugged wilderness offering a stretch of extraordinary living canvas, matching the breadth and artistry of South America’s Patagonian region is neither attainable nor achievable in any other part of the country.

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