Patagonia Resorts

Filled with innumerable and unique kinds of wildlife and brimming with lakes, glacier covered mountains, and arresting national parks, Patagonia is a land of many wonders that captures and enchants the soul. Above all, the scenery, flora, and fauna are what make Patagonia so spectacular. Every aspect of the outdoors makes an impression, from protected and thriving marine areas to the commanding Andes mountain range to incredible Tierra del Fuego. If you choose one of the many excellent resorts in Patagonia you will certainly find a range of accommodation that compliments every style of traveling.

Patagonia resorts are found all around both southern Argentina and Chile. Since most vacations to Patagonia are to further explore the raw, natural beauty of this most southerly lying land, many resorts offer ideal accommodation for naturalists and outdoor adventurers alike. The Futaleufu Riverfront Resort offers an exciting adventure base camp perfect for trying whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing, and biking in Patagonia. Though maybe too rustic for some, tourists who normally enjoy the outdoors find this resort offers many camp-style luxuries much appreciated by adventuresome types. Safari-style tent bungalows include many excellent amenities such as comfortable beds, luxurious linens, and thick covers to ensure warmth and relaxation. Amenities at Futaleufu Riverfront Resort include a wood sauna, indoor and outdoor yoga terraces, flush toilets, massage studios, and a riverside bar. There is also an open-air library, a stone hot tub by the riverside, an outdoor dining area warmed up fireside, and hot showers. This is roughing it at its best and a fantastic way to explore and enjoy Patagonia.

In the right conditions, skiing in Patagonia is amazing. Patagonia ski resorts are popular with winter lovers wanting to ski and snowboard in one of the most beautiful cold climate destinations in the world. Embodying magnificence and exceptional scenic beauty, Patagonia ski resorts provide many notable services to guests. With the onset of winter, vacations to Patagonia are for hearty and eager travelers who don’t mind enduring some harsh conditions. Winter begins in June and runs through to October. This season sees Patagonia ski resorts come alive. Two of the top ski resorts in Patagonia include Ski Pucón, carved into the Chilean Villarrica Volcano, and Catedral Alta Patagonia Ski Resort in Argentina. Both offer thousands of acres of skiing terrain and many other things to do such as hiking, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. Both also offer a large number of lifts and groomed trails as well as transportation, entertainment, dining, and accommodation.

Many Patagonia resorts offer the advantage of enjoying a semi-private retreat along with like-minded tourists there to relish in the beauty of the region. In the village of San Martin de los Andes, Arco Iris Resort provides a small cluster of cabins fringed by gleaming lakes, lush forests, and striking mountains. There are plenty of activities to enjoy during any season including fishing, hiking, skiing, boating, and mountain biking. A two-hour flight from Buenos Aires takes visitors to Arco Iris, where the mountain village atmosphere is all-encompassing. Ostensively buried deep into the forest of Lanin National Park, Arco Iris Resort is only a short walk from the village center yet affords easy access to pristine natural springs, volcanic sand beaches, remote Andean lakes, and many more natural attributes of stunning Patagonia.

Patagonia resorts offer tourists a wonderful base from which to explore rough and rugged terrain and enjoy numerous exciting activities in the heart of southern Argentina. Vacations to Patagonia are most popular with tourists traveling to Argentina and for very good reasons. With so many wonderful resorts in Patagonia tucked into remote corners of the regions, they are a popular choice for visitors.Though the climate isn’t warm and mild like Salta, Jujuy, and Cordoba in the northern region, the scenery along with attractions like Parque Nacional los Glaciares, Valdés Peninsula, Nahuel Huapi National Park, and Punta Tombo make this area completely irresistible.

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