Patagonia Argentina Climate

The Patagonia Argentina climate varies depending on which region you are visiting in this vast territory, so the best time to visit Patagonia is not something cut and dried. There are four main regions: Neuquen Province, which hugs the Andes Mountains along the border of Chile; Rio Negro Province to its east and south, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes; Chubut Province to the south, which also stretches from the Atlantic to the Andes; and Santa Cruz Province, which takes up the entire southern portion of the country including Tierra del Fuego, gateway to Antarctica. Even within each of these four provinces, the weather in Patagonia varies greatly.

In general, the Patagonia Argentina climate is cool and dry. The Atlantic coast, however, is warmer because of the southern equatorial current. Here you can enjoy beaches, snorkeling, and scuba diving for much of the year – especially on the wild and pristine Valdes Peninsula, which is a whale watching destination and home to unique wildlife, making it a UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site. The areas along the Andes Mountains are obviously much colder due to altitude. Here are the famous Patagonia glaciers found in Los Glaciares National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tierra del Fuego, is much colder due to its proximity to Antarctica. The best time to travel to these wild and remote area is from mid-November to mid-March – which is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

The best weather in Patagonia for tourism is during the North American winter – generally from September to May - making this the best time to visit for most tourists. It is generally warm, sunny, and dry during this period. Even daytime in the mountains are pleasant, although it get quite chilly at night. This is also the best time for wildlife – including whale watching. The whales flock to the Atlantic coast during this time to mate and to calve before they head out into colder waters for the rest of the year.

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