Puerto Madryn Argentina

Puerto Madryn, in Chubut province, is situated along the Golf Nuevo Shore on the stunning southeastern coast of Argentina. Settled by Welsh inhabitants in the late 1800s, Puerto Madryn is the portal to tours of Peninsula Valdes, where the excellent whale watching and diving opportunities attract thousands of visitors each year. This destination is also a popular stop for travelers looking to relax on the beaches in Argentina. Characterized by dramatic cliffs, coastal avenues, and pristine beaches, the city has become a popular summer destination with people from all over the world. Travel to Puerto Madryn is appealing for many reasons, with the primary one being close proximity to some of the most beautiful terrain in South America, which can be seen via numerous self-guided tours of the area's natural highlights and history.

The Valdes Peninsula, on which Puerto Madryn is located, is the biggest in the country. It’s also a UNESCO site and an important nature reserve. The highlight of visiting this destination is the diversity in flora and fauna, ideal for those looking for great scuba diving. Puerto Madryn Argentina is considered the diving mecca of Argentina, boasting crystal clear water and a multitude of fascinating dive sites. Puerto Madryn tours to the Parque Artificial Submarino are the most popular, offering a glimpse of six buses from Buenos Aires that were intentionally sunk in 1963 to create an artificial reef for divers to explore. The buses are now home to an incredible assortment of sea life that has adopted the site as home creating a visually stunning underwater site.

Parque Nuevo is another of the popular dive sites travelers visit on Puerto Madryn tours. Located about a quarter-mile from the shoreline, the manmade park offers divers a look at a small shipwreck, a boiler, and a series of small caves. Natural reefs at Piedras Grandes, the Río de Oro shipwreck, Parque Viejo, and the world famous shipwreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton are other top dive sites to visit, but the most famous is the Albatros shipwreck site; however, only advanced divers can take the Puerto Madryn tours to see the famous sunken fishing boat and chest, as the excursion here is quite challenging.

Other popular tours in Puerto Madryn and the surrounding area include trips to the natural reserve to see one of the most astounding natural shows of the penguins at Punta Tombo. From September through April, more than 2 million Magellan penguins head to the area to mate, nest, and raise their young. Exploring the dunes and winding dirt roads via 4X4 is another way to see some of the most scenic landscapes—including cliffs, dunes, and panoramic views of the ocean—during travel to Puerto Madryn.

Despite the wide range of popular tours, whale watching is ultimately the biggest of all Puerto Madryn attractions. Many travel to Puerto Madryn specifically for whale watching tours, said to be the best in the region, and there are several different options for tours. The best time to catch a tour is between June and December, when the whales are swimming near the peninsula to give birth and raise their calves. Orcas can be found off the coast, but it’s more likely that tourists will see Southern right whales on their tours.

Although most tourist travel to Puerto Madryn for the outdoor attractions in the region, the city itself has several great things to see, such as the Museum of Modern Art on Avenida Roca. The museum is free to enter and features works by many famous regional and local artists. The Interpretation Center and Museum focus on Argentina's geography and ecological environment and offer lovely views of Golfo Nuevo and Golfo San José, both beautiful inlets along the water, from the watchtower. From the Punta Delgada Lighthouse, you can see the elephant seal colony on El Arenal Beach, where hundreds of seals can be found raising their pups in the spring months.



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