Punta Tombo Argentina

Punta Tombo is truly a unique and pristine part of Patagonia. This five hundred acre Argentina National Park provides a nesting ground for the Magellan penguin population. Each year during the warmer days of spring over half a million penguins come to the Patagonia coasts in order to breed. One of the greatest features to the Punta Tombo is that you can actually experience the walk along side the penguins and observe their intricacies first hand. It is the perfect spot for a curious eye. Become a part of the 'march of the penguins.'

The penguins live mainly on the coast of Chubut Province. The best time to see the penguins at this Argentina National Park is just after November once the babies have been born. You could be one of the first friendly faces a penguin sees as it embarks on its journey through life. However, the penguins arrive in September and stay around mid march. If you cannot make it in time to see the miracle of a baby being born, you can still see them as they learn for the first time how to be a penguin. It is an amazing sight to see. The only thing you have to remember when walking with the penguins is never to touch them. You can get inches away from these friendly animals, but if you touch them they might be inclined to peck you. It is a unique experience to walk or waddle among these peaceful creatures, but remember not to touch!

Join an exploration South America tour, and return home with rich charismatic stories of exploration. Take a tour with Southern Cross Tours. It's about an eight hour South America tour that drives through Patagonia that shows you a glimpse of a multitude of natural endeavors to discover. While learning about geologic formations to pass the time, you will be whisked away to the splendors of Punta Tombo. The tour is just getting underway upon arrival, as you get out and walk among the nests of these penguins. Remember to bring a coat, warm boots and certainly a camera! Their rates change throughout the season.

Punta Tombo may not be love at first sight, because it is a lonesome arid but beautiful land. But once you start exploring the landscape you will notice that it is rich with life. You will start to hear the sounds of birdcalls as they fly over the crashing glacial ice of its turquoise waters. This will awaken your natural instinct for curiosity. Further on through the reserve, you will see sheep wandering the landscape as well as ostriches, hares and foxes. As soon as you trek the coast, the wildlife steadily increases as you may notice seagulls, skuas, royal and black necked cormorants and Antarctic pigeons flying overhead leading you to the sea. Once you reach the water, you will be pleasantly surprised to see sea lions, southern whales, dolphins and orcas. At first it might not be paradise, but take second look and you will become enamored with Punta tombo.

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