Rosario Argentina

Rosario Argentina is considered one of the main cities in the country, just behind Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Though some might say there's not many things to do in the city, others beg to differ. Exquisite colonial buildings paint a picture of the city's past, with ornate homes, churches, and monuments illustrating just how valuable the architecture is to both tourists and locals. Animated nightlife, great shopping, a dynamic arts scene, and abundant parks and other green spaces attract travelers to this northwest destination. More than one million people call Rosario Argentina home, favoring it for its diversity and prosperous economy.

Skirting the Parana River and close to both Mendoza and Buenos Aires, those enjoying Rosario travel delight in the city's lively pace and many points of interest. City life in Rosario offers numerous historical excursions to explore. The most appealing of all attractions in Rosario is Parque Nacional a la Bandera and Monumento de la Bandera. This sprawling park and monument is devoted to the national Argentinian flag. Entombed inside the monument's crypt is the designer of the flag, General Manuel Belgrano. A hike to the top of the monument pays off with panoramic views of the city and the free flowing Rio Parana.

Though not often an integral part of city life in most places, Rosario Argentina boasts some beaches that are well worth the trip to the northern tip of the city. Called La Florida, this beach area is one of the biggest attractions in Rosario drawing boaters, swimmers, kayakers, and sunbathers looking for respite from the hot weather. This prime social center is a great place to kick back and relax and leave the bustling city behind. Plentiful cafes and bars offer meals and drinks as well as many excellent places for people watching. If you're checking out the beach areas during your Rosario travel plans, the islands along the river are a great way to explore the area in more depth. Some of the islands offer boating as well as camping areas ideal for a night under the stars.

Museum lovers shouldn't miss the Juan B. Castagnino Museum of Fine Arts during Rosario travel. When the museum was first established in 1936 it was one of the most novel of buildings in the city making it the talk of the town. Two full stories brim with works from many different periods, origins, and styles. There are two fixed collections worth checking out during a visit. The first is an accumulation of European artwork dating from the fifteenth century through to the twentieth century. The second is a large cache of Argentinian works from their predecessors to modern artists. Parque Independencia is home to a number of museums as well. The two most distinguished include Museo Historico Provincial Dr. Julio Marc and Museo de la Cuidad. If your planning on taking advantage of any of the great tours in Rosario, try choosing one that includes a visit to one or more museums. Guides often relate a lot of interesting information and history about the artwork and buildings that can easily be missed on self-guided tours.

Before the Puente Victoria bridge was built, Argentinians relied on water transportation to cross the Rio Parana. Connecting Rosario to the city of Victoria, the bridge is another of the attractions in Rosario worth a look. It exemplifies a time when ranchers, farmers, and other commercial firms crossed the river daily to conduct business and trade back in the day. The bridge has also boosted tours in Rosario with a much easier way of reaching the city. Many now visit Rosario because it is the official birthplace of world renowned icon and rebel Che Guevara, yet the distinguishing laid back feel of the city along with the vivacious waterfront and numerous attractions make Rosario a very pleasant and relaxing stop during Argentina vacations.

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