Salta Argentina

Lying close to the northwestern tip of the country, the city of Salta Argentina is characterized by deep, dramatic canyons, and beautiful mountains. It offers tourists a look at fascinating and historic colonial architecture and a taste of first-rate wineries. Surrounded by miles of long, winding roads, and stunning scenery, Salta tourism thrives due to its history dating back to the sixteenth century. The beautifully upheld colonial area is ripe with stunning estancias, large traditional South American farms or estates, well worth a stay overnight for a true South American experience. Sitting more than one thousand feet above sea level, Salta Argentina lies right on the incredible Lerma Valley and is known for sublime natural backdrops. Replete in the narrow sidewalks, streets, houses, and ancient monuments is rare character only found in this historic and well loved city.

Salta tourism revolves around many points of interest. Popular Salta tours include walks to the most elegant architectural buildings and monuments dotting the city. The San Francisco Church is one of the top attractions in Salta, with tours of the church one of the top things to do. The Cathedral of Salta is another of the favored attractions in Salta and houses centuries-old statues of the Cristo del Milagro and Virgin Mary, found washed up onto the shore when the ship transporting them sank. History buffs love the MAAM—Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta—the city's natural history museum and yet another popular stop during Salta tours.

The weather in Salta Argentina is warm and dry during the winter months and mild during the summer. This makes vacations in Salta appealing for those who dislike the extreme cold temperatures and wet conditions of southern cities like Ushuaia. Another appealing factor of Salta is that tourists can easily connect between it and other favorite Argentinian cities like Buenos Aires, Jujuy, and Cordoba. With affordable flights to Argentina from out of the country, travel by plane between cities becomes a favored way to see more of the country in a shorter time period.

Canyon of Seven Colours, near Salta
Canyon of Seven Colours, near Salta

Salta tours also take visitors to the outskirts of town where many more attractions can be explored. The Train to the Clouds, or El Tren a las Nubes in Spanish, is a historic and scenic railroad and a major attraction. Soaring up more than 13,000 feet above the sea, this railroad is one of the highest found in the world. A visit to nearby San Lorenzo, a small town community boasting plenty of picturesque scenes, offers a chance to get outdoors and enjoy fantastic hiking trails amid rolling hills with a lovely river nearby. Transportation to San Lorenzo is easy via a twenty minute ride on the local bus from Salta.

Horseback riding, canoeing, mountain biking, camping, rafting, and many more outdoor activities are all a major part of Salta tourism. Many vacations to Salta are taken purely to enjoy all the northern province has to offer in the great outdoors. Rafting along the local white-capped river, horseback riding in the stunning surrounding area, and lazy canoe rides are all wonderful ways to soak in the beauty of the north. Camping presents an opportunity to meet locals looking for a good time rather then enjoying the outdoors in the traditional sense of camping. You won't find much quiet and tranquility at the local campground for the most part, but you will have an unbeatable time with spirited Argentinians who know how to throw a great outdoor party.

Aside from parks, plazas, and excellent museums, those enjoying vacations to Salta will also have plenty of opportunity to delight in some fantastic nightlife. Heading out for a night on the town around midnight until the wee hours of the morning, Argentinians definitely know how to have a good time! Salta's nightlife is something to write home about if you can drag yourself out of bed the next day! Around the main plaza there are bars and clubs serving up drinks and playing music all night long. Taxis are extremely affordable and a terrific option for getting home late at night or early in the morning. Whether you're in Salta for some fresh air and outdoor activity or stopping by for a quick look and a few nights on the town, there are plenty of great options for every traveler from wonderful Salta hotels to great restaurants, unique shopping, and much more.



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