San Carlos de Bariloche

Carlos Wiederhold founded San Carlos de Bariloche in 1902, who started the first grocery store here in Bariloche. Since then, it has become a famous tourist destination for the summer and winter months. It offers a wide range of activities to do from fishing, hiking, climbing and skiing to sunbathing or shopping. It is also becoming a hot spot for its dazzling nightlife. It is a place that you want to check off your list for places to go in the world. San Carlos de Bariloche is a must see.

During the summer months, Lake Nahuel Huapi is an ideal spot to for fishing enthusiasts. It offers an exclusive fishing spot as you sail to Victoria Island and Quetrihue Peninsula. If you would rather enjoy sunbathing, then Playa Bonita would be the place to catch some rays. For those people not fluent in Spanish, playa bonita means the beautiful beach.

San Carlos de Bariloche also offers something to do for those true adventurers. Go and discover Arroyo de la Virgen for Bariloche tours that offer canyon trip that includes hiking, climbing and white water rafting. Hire a Bariloche tour guide, and he or she will show you the adventure of a lifetime. You find yourself traveling down high-speed rapids with water spraying in your face, or one hundred feet in the air climbing on a mountain. It is exhilarating and extremely safe.

The Adventure Tours of Argentina offers a classic circuit tour. Basically it gathers the perfect vacation destinations in only a few days. If your vacation is going to be quick, then taking this Bariloche tour would be a great idea. You will visit lake Nahuel Huapi, Playa Bonita, and Campanario Hill. This hill is about three thousand feet high with the most thrilling and fasinating views including El Trbol lagoon, San Pedro al Llao-Llao Peninsulas and Victoria Island. This is a four-day excursion. If you have enough time, then take the eleven-day safari tour through the most scenic National Patagonia Park. This is your trip and you might as well make the most of it.

Anyone interested in winter travel will find more than enough reason to visit San Carlos de Bariloche, because if offers the premiere place to ski Argentina, which is called Catedral Mount. It is the largest and most inviting resort to ski Argentina in South America. Like most skiing destination it offers a wide array of high quality activities, shops and restaurants to experience and remember for a lifetime.

Bariloche is one those fascinating places that is as thrilling in real life as it is in your imagination. It offers a vacation for non-stop excitement or a place to relax with your feet in the sand. Your ultimate vacation is counting the days until you arrive. And once you visit, you will already be planning your next Bariloche tour.

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