Shopping in Argentina

Shopping in Argentina is a hot bed for your shopping extravaganza. It has everything from those hole-in-the-wall street markets, where you might a rare jewel for a relative at home to the ritzy brand names that we all have grown fond of. While shopping in Buenos Aires Argentina you may notice a European flair, but that is because Buenos Aires is known as a Latin Paris. The architecture is been heavily influenced by the Europeans, so you might forget where you are until you hear the Spanish colloquial. Those grand boulevards full of antique shops, boutiques and galleries are just around the corner.

The first place you might start shopping in Argentina is at the winding streets of Arroyo. Breath in the culture and architecture as you browse through this small part of the country. You may try your shopping eye at San Telmo where there is a Sunday flea market. Train your bartering skills to get those cheap prices for those unique authentic souvenirs to take home with you to share with friends and family something exotic from Argentina. Another place to barter are the Sunday antiques fair at Plaza Dorego.

Just when you wallet and credit cards are getting warmed up, visit downtown at Calle Florida. Most visitors take their shopping ventures here to this grand pedestrian mall. It is known for its boutiques, which sell leather goods and furs. For some this mile long shopping expedition might get tiring, but the architecture integrity will amaze you and keep you engaged until the final lap down this long shopping runway. You'll know when the end is near when you encounter Plaza San Martin, which is named after Argentina's national hero. Besides passing beautiful architecture and boutiques, you will see department stores, banks, and clubs that were built in the beginning of the twentieth century. The only problem with this expansive shopping paradise is that fact that it sells at New York prices. But that only means expect the best. Another place to go shopping in Buenos Aires Argentina is at Patio Bullrich. You cannot go wrong here, for it less crowded and a little cheaper than calle Florida. The shopping does not end there. You will want to spend some time at Avenida Alvear, where you will walk among retail's biggest giants including Louis Vutton and Georgia Armani among others. You have the best chance of bumping into a celebrity at Avenida Alvear. It may feel like Paris, but it is most notably none other than Buenos Aires. Enjoy it.

Shopping in Buenos Aires Argentina is the perfect place to shop and tantalize anyone's taste for architecture. You will want to keep shopping in Argentina just to see more artistic workmanship around the corner.



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