Suggested Itineraries for Buenos Aires

Argentina is one of the most diverse countries in South America. Many residents say Buenos Aires is nothing like the rest of the country, and many travelers will agree. Buenos Aires is a large metropolis with plenty to do and see. Much of the rest of the country works to produce some of the world's most coveted beef. Whether you prefer culture of one kind or the other, you'll be sure to enjoy your Argentina stay.

Suggested itineraries for Buenos Aires:

1-3 Days

With only a day or two to spend with your suggested itineraries for Buenos Aires, you will want to get straight to the attractions. Buenos Aires is famous for many things, but one notable mark is the food you will find in many restaurants throughout the city. World class steak, authentic South American cuisine, and dance clubs that stay open much of the night can all be found in this thriving city. You may enjoy taking a walking tour of the city, to take a look at some of the colonial architecture or visit one of the many museums in the city.

4-7 Days

If you have multiple days for your suggested itineraries for Buenos Aires, be sure to check out the changing of the guard. Most of the historical sites in the city still practice a changing of the guard, and it can be a lot of fun to see. You will also want to make a point of stopping by the Casa Rosada and Presidential Museum, where the president of Argentina clocks in for work each day.

7+ Days

Buenos Aires itineraries for travelers with a week or more to spend in the city can afford to take some side trips to nearby cities, as well. Mar del Plata is only a few hours drive from the capital, and Buenos Aires itineraries are certainly enhanced by travel out from the city. If you still find yourself looking for something to do, don't forget to include shopping on your Buenos Aires itineraries.

Suggested itineraries for Cordoba:

1-3 Days

Suggested itineraries for Cordoba will generally recommend a walking tour of downtown Cordoba. This is an excellent idea, not only because of the colonial presence in much of the city's architecture, but also because you will have a chance to experience one of Argentina's most beautiful cities. With only a day or two, see the city, go to a winery, and eat excellent meals.

4-7 Days

If you have more time, suggested itineraries for Cordoba can also include some active pursuits. Biking through Argentina's second largest city is a great way to visit the Manzana Jesuitica, which is known as the intellectual block of Argentina since the 17th century. The whole block is a working museum; you can tour the buildings, but they are still used as schools and churches. The Museo Historico Provincial is another great museum, and one of the largest colonial houses to survive intact in the country.

7+ Days

With many days to spend in Cordoba, you can take time to take a side trip. Located at the foot of the Andes, Cordoba is in an excellent location for anyone hoping to spend one or a few days hiking through the Andes. The Pampas is also nearby to welcome visitors. Wineries and tours of just about every kind can also be booked form Cordoba; from fishing to hiking to wineries.

However you decide to organize your trip, be sure to spend at least a day or two in Buenos Aires. From there, you'll be able to plan the perfect vacation to fit your travel destination desires.

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