Tierra del Fuego Argentina

Welcome to Tierra del Fuego or the 'Land of Fire.' However, the Tierra del Fuego climate is like ice. This is an Island is shared by both Chile and Argentina, and is about the same size as Ireland. It is located at the Southern end of the country. Its closest of kin is probably the mountains of Patagonia, because its topography is very mountainous. This island is near Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego is a unique blend of colorful houses surrounded by forests and mountains. Some areas you find interesting to visit are the Maritime Museum, the Obelisco, and take the Saint Christopher tugboat around Ushuaia bay. Also don't forget about the End of the World Museum. There is only one chance to visit something with a name like that.

There are many different types of Tierra del Fuego tours you can take. One tour you can take is by air. Rest your legs awhile and let the airplane to all the work as you fly over Fagnano and Escondido lakes. You will not want to miss traveling to Cape Horn, the Bridge Islands, Los Lobos, Los Pajaros or Faro Les Eclaireurs. Some Tierra del Fuego tour companies to look for are Turismo Pali Aike and Foot Loose Travel Guides.

At Tierra del Fuego National Park you will find a piece of land that is about 4 miles wide that is home to a wide variety of animals such as: cormorants, penguins, seagulls, swallows. It is quite a thrill to see these animals in their real habitat, rather than in zoo. While you are there, take an excursion at one of many trails such as Costera Trail or Las Lengas Trail, in order to see an amazing view of the Beagle Channel as well as the deep bay of Lapataia and other numerous bays and coves. This is excellent place to visit at any point during the year. But keep in mind that the Tierra Del Fuego climate is located at the Southern most tip of Argentina, and will be relatively cold all year round. It would be wise to dress warmly.

The champion of all Tierra del Fuego tours is the Antarctica Cruise. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows you to visit one of the least visited countries in the world. Imagine going back to the office with this tale of adventure. This is an expedition that sails through the strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel to the white continent. On the Antarctica cruise you get the chance to see rare wildlife and scenic views of the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. Antarctica is one of the most unexplored places on Earth. It is saying you took a vacation to the moon, and only a handful of tourists, scientists, and adventurers can say this. And once you take a tour of Antarctica, you are no longer a tourists, but a savvy adventurer. The beauty of this placed is unparalleled.

A journey to Tierra del Fuego and beyond, such as Cape Horn, would be an amazing adventure. It would be an expedition that few can say they have had. Only a few people when they are old and grey sitting in their rocking chair can happily reminisce about their adventure on an Antarctica cruise to the white continent. It is a mysterious place, but one that beckons your arrival.

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