Transportation in Argentina

Argentina beckons. Everything you would want to see there is waiting impatiently to meet and greet you. The only thing you need now is a place to stay and ways to get around. Now, considering the size of this inviting country, you can travel in Argentina by train, plane, car, helicopter, bicycle or by foot. It all depends on the trip you are planning in this magnificent country and how much time you have to see it all. I would not suggest a trek from the northern rainforest to the "end of the world" at Ushuaia, unless of course you have a year to two to spend here and take pictures.

If traveling with Argentina rental cars in Buenos Aires then there are numerous places to choose from. Argentina rental cars include all the best names from the United States including Hertz, Avis and Enterprise. You cannot go wrong with a place that uses these top quality companies as a mode for transportation in this expansive country. Another name to look for in the Argentina rental business is called Alojargentina. It will provide quality service fit with comfortable and affordable rentals as well as quality cars. They offer specialty cars such as 4x4 vehicles for those hard to reach destinations.

Taking trains in Argentina is a popular option for many tourists. With thirty seven million people living in Argentina, it sure cuts down on the traffic stress. Since you are on vacation, you may want to leave the road stress for those long commutes to and from work at home. The Argentina Turistica offers one of the highest trains in the world. They call it "train to the clouds." This train makes hiking seem easy, as you trek through the Argentine Andes effortlessly enjoys the sights and sounds of the ride. They all offer a train to the coast, which travels by rivers and the coastline. You have the option to get off and on when you want. Also, if you are a fan of the old west, then buy a ticket for the Old Patagonic Express. This unique tour uses a steam-powered train to trek through the mountains.

However, if cars and trains just will not allow enough time to enjoy the places you seek to explore, then a plane is readily available, and at your service. Take the Aerolineas Argentina. You can purchase a ticket named the air pass, where you can "go as you please." They realize that this is your vacation and you deserve to make it as you see fit. Spend a few days at Iguazu Falls, and then head down to Buenos Aires for some world-class restaurants and then off to explore the very tip of this country at Ushuaia. Its up to you and it is affordable.

Now that you have a way to get around Argentina, its time to book those tours and especially those hotels or lodges. It does not matter if it is water, air, or land Argentina has a way to speed up the process so you can have the best vacation that your time allows. The opportunity is there, now it time to for you to choose the best option.



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