Ushuaia Argentina

Bursting with magnificent mountains, wide open sky, and hedged by 360 degrees of water, Ushuaia Argentina is an incredible destination. Snugly affixed into an undulating cove between rugged glaciers and the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia travel is attractive for its unrefined aesthetics and dramatic southerly location. Said to be one of the most stunning places to visit, tours in Ushuaia lead adventure seekers to "The End of the World." The area is labeled "The End of the World" because of its designation as the southernmost city in the world. There are may attractions in Ushuaia and the number of things to do in the town and the surrounding area ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Top notch boating, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding draw intrepid travelers looking for excitement found all along the Martial mountain range that skirts the town.

From Ushuaia travel to the farthest point south is also on the agenda of most with a ride along the RN 3 highway ending in famous and beautiful Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego. With direct access to Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, many prefer the southern location of Ushuaia Argentina rather than the northern area around Salta and Cordoba. Though both are beautiful in their own right, Ushuaia's location is hardly beatable and offers some of the most breathtaking and raw scenery in all of Argentina.

Ushuaia Argentina is the gateway to bold and brilliant Antarctica, a destination many tourists travel to when visiting this rugged part of the world. Also a popular stop for yachts cruising into the port, many tours in Ushuaia are taken by those passing by toward a more southerly destination. Catering extremely well to travelers of all types, Ushuaia travel offers access to many excellent, modern amenities and a great selection of Ushuaia hotels to choose from. Several daily flights from Buenos Aires make getting there easy and affordable. With less than 100,000 locals living in the town, the feel is small-town friendly and wide smiles greet curious visitors. Vibrant clapboard homes dot Ushuaia showcasing unthinkable angles stopped by blocks of insipid concrete and brick work, presenting a common south Argentinian sight.

Ushuaia Argentina evolved around an old prison and was built mainly by the prisoners kept there. They were the labor force behind Ushuaia as well as the railway, called The End of the World Train, connecting thousands to Tierra del Fuego National Park. The railway is one of the top attractions in Ushuaia and can be visited year round. There are many attractions in Ushuaia that nature lovers flock to, but nothing beats a trip to the most southern point, where penguins, orcas, and rare birds dot the stunning natural scenery. In the summer months, many of the ski areas keep lifts running for tourists who want to head up the mountain for terrific hiking experiences, and spectacular views, along the range. A hike up Martial Glacier proves most impressive, leading from the center of town up to the tip for awe inspiring scenic views.

If you like to go it on your own, transportation is available through car rental agencies in the area. The most efficient and budget-friendly way to go is a compact car. Having your own vehicle means direct access from Ushuaia Argentina to the national park as well as the surrounding area. One of the busiest times of year in July is celebrated with parades and fireworks kicking off the snow season when ski enthusiasts arrive for incredible skiing conditions. Shopping is another great way to relax during Ushuaia travel. Explore many local shops around and inside La Anónima in the town center and find ideal souvenirs to bring home to family and friends.

With Ushuaia travel comes near constant fog and mist. Proper rain gear ensures the most successful trips in these conditions. Even in the summer months, warm clothing is best as temperatures don't get much higher than fifty-nine degrees Farenheit. Horseback riding, trekking, sport fishing, sailing, and mountain biking are more popular attractions during the summer. The most noted tours in Ushuaia lead to Cape Horn, Argentine Antartida, and along the beautiful Beagle Channel, a region characterized by wild, rugged beauty and a playful sea lions that entertain tourists.

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